There has been so much devastation in Florida and along the coast in the past couple of days with many people in shelters and without homes. We in South Carolina are experiencing the storm now and my hope is that all those affected will find shelter and safety from the storm. This post is going out a bit late as we were doing a little storm prep of our own.

This is the last Thrifting Blog of September and combines two weeks of thrifting into one Blog. It’s an eclectic haul with a little bit of everything.

I found this great ceramic pot. It could use a little sprucing up but I think a little paint will bring it back. It’s quite a nice size and suitable for outdoors or in.

I found this great swag for Christmas or other holidays. Normally this would cost a fair bit but I found it at the last chance Goodwill for about 75 cents. It looked terrible but after washing it and fluffing it out it turned into a beautiful swag that I’ll be using during the holidays.

This really nice wide, wired ribbon from Dillards was a great find. I love it when I find beautiful ribbon like this.

These black and gold balls were a nice find and only 50 cents each.

My Hubby found the bed tray and it’s a nice addition which will be quite useful.

This tray is quite cute made from tin and wood with a sweet little pig graphic.

Really liked this tin haunted house with great arched windows and bats and stars in the night sky. The door is magnetic and the house holds a pillar candle that will light the window at night.

A second tin tray edged in wood and elevated on a pedestal was another great tray find. Can’t wait to use this in a kitchen vignette.

I was so lucky to find these four Lenox, “Twelve Days of Christmas ornaments. ” These ornaments sell for $40 – $90 each. This was a super find and nowhere near the going price. They come in the original boxes.

Another great find was this group of seven Waterford ornaments from “The Twelve Days of Christmas. In included numbers five through eleven. Individually these are also very expensive but found these for an extremely reasonable price….about $4 each.

Lastly, I found a collection of crafts. Four birdhouses one of which had some hand made paper designs on the front. Then these beautiful paper twill stars that were handmade and individually packaged made it into the cart. It took a lot of time to put these together. I am happy to be the new steward of these beautiful handmade stars.

There you have it. The last Thrift Haul in September. Who knows what will be out there in October as we get closer to the Holiday season? Happy Thrifting and stay safe.


14 thoughts on “End of September Thrifting

  1. I love your thrifty-find posts. I have learned so much from your choices and how you display them. It’s even better when you mention what you paid for each item. It’s so much fun to see what’s available in other parts of the country. Thank you for sharing your awesome acquisitions 🙂

    1. Happy you are enjoying the Blog. Finding interesting items and figuring out how to incorporate them in a display is lots of fun. I’ll be putting some of this find to use very soon. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. What a lovely haul! I loved all of it, but my fave was the galvanized bat house! How cool is that! And those Christmas ornaments were so nice! And I itched to turn those birdhouses into ornaments with a spring of Christmas greenery and a bird! When I get frayed flowers, I take my sharpest scissors to them and spend a few minutes trimming the raggedy parts off; they are good for another eon at my house!

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