Welcome Fall and welcome Friends to this tablescape that incorporates some pretty Fall colors with things I’ve had for quite some time. It’s really not necessary to have something new when you set a table so take some time-honored advice from Tablescape Bloggers and shop your home first.

I was going through my stash looking for something a little different and ran across this sweet little quilt sporting a rather lovely sentiment. The muted tones of brown, green and rose combined with apples and flowers seemed appropriate for a Fall table setting.

I cut down some flowers and arranged them in a small cut glass pitcher that went into the center of the table. The bright yellows and reds go well with the quilt and have such a feeling of Fall.

If you follow the Blog, you know that I have a lot of china and crystal and I do love to use it. These pieces were at the back of a cupboard and needed their moment in the sun. They pick-up the pinks and browns and greens as well as adding an earthy appeal. The top plates each have a different design and are hand thrown pottery.

A simple rattan charger grounds the plate stack. I used Royal Doulton dinner plates and hand thrown pottery plates by Rich. The combination might seem a bit odd but it works. The Royal Doulton is quite a busy pattern but it is toned down by the simplicity of the pottery plates. The colors go well together.

I added water and wine glasses by Lenox in the “Opal Innocence” pattern. They are some of my favorites but I haven’t used them in awhile. I really like the vining pattern on the glasses.

My everyday stainless flatware works well in this setting. I got it from Pottery Barn years ago and its called “Fiddlehead”. I do love how the handles curve giving a sense of motion to the flatware.

The napkins are reversible with a different pattern on each side. Showing two different patterns without two different napkins is a bonus. They are held in wooden painted napkin rings in the colors of the quilt and the dinner plates.

Here’s a look from above so you can see the blending of the colors and patterns.

When you don’t take things too seriously you can have a lot of fun experimenting with different colors and patterns. See what you can accomplish when you …shop your home and mix and match patterns. Have a great week.


12 thoughts on “Tablescape in Fall Colors

  1. Oh Lynne – I LOVE this! Your quilt is so cozy and fall-like, and the bright flowers are perfect to set it all off! A lovely autumn welcome – thanks for the inspiration, as always!

  2. That quilt is lovely. It gives a warm and cosy Fall feeling to your table. Came out beautiful!

  3. Love reusing what you already own & try to do this as much as I can. I’m having trouble finding napkins so wondering if you’re making your own given the 2 sided one you showed? I’m making my table runners so I’d rather buy napkins but only if I like them.

    1. Shopping your own home is really a good idea before purchasing something new. I don’t make my napkins and found these at the Thrift Store. I always look through the tablecloths and other linens when I shop. Often there’s nothing that fits into my decor but every once in a while you find some nice linens. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  4. That is really pretty, Lynne! Love how all the colors coordinate, and you’re right about the napkins. Having two patterns with only one napkin is a bonus.

  5. Definitely a cozy table. The pottery plates lend an additional cozy element while the crystal & flatware keep everything from being too heavy. It is a lovely quilt!

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