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A Few Fall Changes…New Look

It always amazes me that just a few decorative changes in a room can create a completely different feel. I pulled the Fall decor box in from the garage to see what I could use this year and happily found some fun items for the front study. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends, as I warm up the study for Fall.

The picture on the left shows the study in Summer with its minimal decor items and stream-lined look. It’s so hot here in the South that I like to keep things to a minimum to give a feeling of space and coolness. On the right is the Fall warm-up.

The cream throw on the sofa has been changed for a quilt in a patterned design of flowers and stripes with large swaths of deep red that picks up the red in the rug. Oranges and deep rust tones are displayed in the pumpkins grouped on the coffee table. A fun pumpkin runner grounds the coffee table display. Candles that pick up the oranges in the rug and the pumpkins are contained in glass sleeves to reflect the light at night.

A beautiful display of multi-colored Fall blooms rests behind and over the pumpkins on the runner. The flowers will be replenished as needed to keep the room looking fresh and vibrant for the Autumn season. The reds in the bouquet pick-up the red in the quilt and in the rug effectively wrapping the room in color.

The browns and reds in the quilt and on the table help to bring out the subtle color in the paintings displayed over the sofa warming up that wall.

I didn’t have to purchase anything to change the look of this room. I simply shopped my home and added some pretty blooms. It doesn’t take much to change the look of your room.. Just swap a few items and you are ready for a new seasonal look.

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