We are now in the hottest days of the Summer, the “Dog Days” of August, when going outside in the South is like visiting a steam bath. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends, as I share a few finds with you.

It’s always nice to find ivy at the Thrift Store. This was a nice long strand of ivy that can be used in all sorts of arrangements. A quick sudsy bath followed by a rinse and the ivy looks great.

This set of four Bunnykins’ cups came in a group. I couldn’t believe it when the price was listed for $1.75 for the group of four. These are quite sweet with no chips or cracks and represent different family scenes for the Bunnykins. I have a collection of these with plates and bowls that we use at Easter. Children really enjoy them and so do I.

Spode Christmas wine glasses were a great find. I have a collection of Spode Christmas dinnerware and these will fit in nicely. I see these occasionally but usually the graphics are scratched or the gold is gone from the rims. These were in excellent condition. There are a lot of imitation glasses out there. The way to tell if it is really Spode is to make sure that the Santa, with his pack, is at the top of the tree. Only Spode has the Santa.

I also found these Ralph Lauren champagne glasses in excellent condition. They have a very modern feel to them and wonderfully simple lines.

Lastly, these wonderful pinecone garlands with battery run LED lights came home with me. They are from Dillards and were originally $45. I found two boxes one of which had never been used. The other one had a set of working batteries already inserted so we could actually test them in the store. These will be great for evergreen garlands around the holiday season.

This was a pretty great start to the month of August. Hope you have some wonderful luck at your next Thrift Store outing.

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14 thoughts on “First Thrift Store Shop in August

  1. Great finds. I can’t wait to see your Christmas tablescapes! Good to know about the Santa topping Spodes! Love these little tidbits of knowledge that will improve MY shopping! Those pine cones will be great in a wreath or garland–ir even a centerpiece!

    1. Hi Kathy, it was definitely a good thrift day. Seems like /bloggers are always planning the next season, LOL, but that’s part of the fun. Thanks for stopping by. I love to read comments.

    1. Absolutely. I find august to be a difficult month with the heat and humidity but Fall is right around the corner with sunny days and cooler nights. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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