Happy Sunday, Friends. It’s so nice to reach the end of the week and be able to relax in a newly finished space with some beautiful flowers.

Trunks have always been intriguing. When you find them secreted away in an attic or a basement or perhaps in an antique store or thrift store your fingers itch to open them and discover the secrets held within. I found just such a trunk recently. I opened it and, alas, there were no hidden treasures but I loved the trunk anyway and brought it home to fill it with some flower treasures.

I placed the trunk on the coffee table in the den on top of a burlap runner I made last year. The runner suits the casual seaside vibe of the chest. You can see the nautical theme spread across the trunk. Seashells, starfish, and coral dot the chest on a lovely blue background. A casual cream throw covers one corner of the sofa brightening the room. Behind the sofa is a picture of the dunes that picks up the blue in the chest.

Light streams through the windows brightening the garden flowers gathered in the trunk. It’s so nice to see the different varieties blending so beautifully together.

The flowers pick up the colors in the carpet and help distribute them around the room.

The trunk frames the flowers nicely allowing the colors to shine through.

A few more blue items were added to the table to bring in the ocean colors. A quiet place to relax and enjoy a pretty new trunk and its garden bounty.


14 thoughts on “Sunday Flowers in the Den

  1. This coastal trunk is perfect for summer. Love the flower choices you picked out for the inside. great job!

      1. It’s always nice to have a few flowers in the garden you can cut and bring inside. Limelight hydrangeas are dominant now as it is so hot and wet. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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