Good Morning, Friends, and welcome to the Blog today. This past weekend we traveled to the wedding of the daughter of some dear Friends. Our children grew up together and it was such a joy to be able to attend this wedding. The wedding was lovely. You can see in the picture above the favors beautifully displayed in wedding colors on a table in the entrance to the venue. I must confess that although I planned to take photos of the cake and the head table, etc. my picture taking was a bit erratic as I got caught up talking to guests and the family. Lots of snaps of the wedding couple that I won’t share here but, hopefully, enough shots to give you a picture of this beautiful event.

The ceremony was held outside in a garden setting with a long walk for the Bride and the Wedding Party. The Bride was beautiful in an Italian silk gown walked down the aisle by her proud Papa. The theme of pink and cream roses complimented the Bride perfectly.

The Bride boasts an Italian heritage and the signature cocktail was Compari based. It was a lovely pink that fit in with the signature colors. The cocktail hour was outdoors on a stone terrace with shade provided by a tent.

Musicians provided some light selections for the guests while they sipped their cocktails.

Pink goes so well with every color.

There was a lovely table of appetizers in the Italian tradition.

Wait staff circled amongst the guests with trays of tempting appetizers. These were just a few: bacon wrapped scallops, caprese salad on a stick, and tomatoes with feta in little spoons. There were probably six different types of appetizers that circulated. So pretty and tasty.

Another lovely touch was the seating chart, again in co-ordinating colors. So easy to find your place.

The table centerpieces were quite beautiful. Here you can see pink roses, white hydrangea and pink filler with greenery. There were also menu cards at each place and lovely white tablecloths that showcased the flowers and the food.

More flowers in the same pink and white were at entrances and on all the serving tables. It was very pretty.

Here’s a close-up of one of the bridesmaid’s bouquets…just lovely.

We were delighted to be a part of such a happy gathering. The wedding couple have known each other since High School and their love and happiness made the day sparkle. The colors were beautiful and elegant and fun was had by all. After a wonderful sit down dinner and Italian desserts and wedding cake it was on to the dancing. People celebrated late into the evening. It was a wedding to remember! Hope you enjoyed a peek into the event.

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21 thoughts on “A Very Charming Wedding…..It’s All in the Details

    1. The beautiful boxes held a selection of Italian candies. You can see them in the last set of pictures. It was a nice treat to enjoy later and bring back pleasant memories of the wedding.

  1. What a lovely event Lynne – and you’re right, the colors were gorgeous. Plus the bride looked happy even through her beautiful veil. 🙂 I’m sure she was so happy to have you there. Thanks for sharing the beauty and inspiration!

    1. My pleasure. It was truly wonderful to see everyone so happy and celebratory. the Bride looked beautiful and the Groom handsome. Together they lit up the room. Thanks for visiting.

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