Welcome to the Blog today, Friends, for a simple two-tone place setting and flower arrangement. It’s always a challenge to come up with a new tablescape and sometimes a two-tone color system works really well. It’s simple, impactful and easy on the eyes. Today’s color scheme is red and white with a little bit of silver thrown in.

In this setting I didn’t use a tablecloth or placemats but used the green tones of the table and the green of the water goblet to pick up on the green in the flower arrangement. It really simplified the setting and brought it back to basics. This overhead view shows how well the red and white works with the green and doesn’t look the least bit Christmasy and not even July 4th. the primary colors are simple and striking.

I decided to use a plain red napkin stitched in white and wrapped in a silver napkin ring. It reinforces the color scheme and ties the place setting together.

Simple red and white dishes set the stage for the table setting. Fortessa, Kate Spade and Villeroy and Boch create the plate stack in alternating white and red.

The crystal comprises a green water goblet and a clear rather plain but elegant red wine goblet. The shapes are different but the simplicity of each design goes well together.

I used a silver plate design by International Silver in the American Colonial pattern. I love the flared look to this flatware. It adds a bit of pattern without being too elaborate.

The centerpiece is composed of lemon verbena (providing the green), carnations (white) and astromaelia (the red). They are held in a simple white, ironstone teapot. The blooms are lovely and fit the space quite well.

Looking across the table you can see to the green outside the window which adds to the overall feel of the table. The garden becomes part of the table setting and adds to the enjoyment of the guests.

Here’s another look to the outside garden from the table. I love that I can bring the garden indoors in this way.

Looking the other way across the table you have a great view of the centerpiece. It’s low enough that diners can easily see across it to chat with one another.

I really enjoyed putting this together. Two colors and an accent can be a great way to go.


20 thoughts on “Red and White for Dinner

  1. That is really pretty, Lynne! Love the Kate Spade plates, and the floral arrangement is perfect. It goes well with summer garden, but would also make a great Christmas or Valentine table. Simply chic!

  2. IMHO, I think what helps the table not tilt towards any holiday theme is your wise choice of florals & containers. I would love to have the variety your garden provides. As I grocery shopped yesterday the floral department was filled – hideously, I might add – with dyed carnations and other dyed species still coming in for the 7/4 holiday. If I want a semi-decent floral choice I have to travel inconveniently to Trader Joe’s 🙁

    1. Finding appropriate floral choices at the local stores can sometimes be difficult and a bit frustrating. If there’s not much choice I usually try to stick with white and lots of greenery. Hope you have better luck this week. Thanks for the kind comments. This setting ended up being one of my favorites. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Love it. The simplicity of the tablecloth and the strength of the colors would make it perfect for Christmas or Valentine’s Day or the Fourth of July!

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