Welcome to the Blog today, Friends. I don’t often go thrifting on a Monday. Just seems like the stores are pretty empty after the weekend shoppers are done so I like to give it a couple of days. However, we ventured out to the Thrift Store closest to us and made some good finds. We also were able to get 15% off our purchases which is always a nice bonus.

The first thing I’ll share with you today is this really sweet round tablecloth with a weighted hem in greens, pinks and whites. I found it really appealing… sort of like an old-fashioned ice cream social.

I found a second tablecloth by Pier1 and eight napkins that matched the yellow in the tablecloth. Everything laundered really well and the pattern is a bit bolder without being overwhelming.

A Lenox snowflake in its original box came home with me. It was $1 and will look really nice on my formal tree this year. I always pick up Lenox and Waterford ornaments, if they are reasonable prices.

Found an unopened box of 20 candles from Ikea. I have several candelabras that take multiple candles and this well work well for them.

A selection of wired ribbon and flags for $1.25 made it into the cart. I’ll use these for some July 4th decorations. It’s always great to find wide wired ribbon at a discount. This even has sparkles on the ribbon making it quite festive.

Another thing I always pick up when I find it is flatware boxes for storing silver-plated flatware. This one hasn’t been cleaned yet but just needs to be vacuumed and have the outside polished and it will be as good as new.

Found this very pretty, shabby chic, box with a nice flower painted on the side. It will make a great holder for flowers or napkins for a table setting. It goes with the tablecloth so maybe I’ll pair them together.

I don’t often by cookbooks anymore as I have a lot of them but I like Mary Engelbreit’s cookbooks. This one has a lot of Italian and barbecue recipes and is entertaining to read through. I’ll give some of the recipes a try this summer.

All these items came from one store and we were in and out pretty quickly. It was a good Thrift Store outing. I’ll have to try shopping on Monday more frequently.


12 thoughts on “Thrifting on a Monday

  1. So glad you linked up at Farmhouse Friday. Such great finds and I love and used to collect Mary Engelbreit goodies when I was in high school. Wow, that really brings back fond memories. Love the tablecloths too. I’m sure you will do something beautiful with all of it.

  2. I love the checked table cloth very pretty color combination and the little box caddy would like great together. You found some great items.

  3. I love the pink/green/white treasures–can’t wait to see the tablecloth and box together. Maybe some green or pink glassware! I love hitting a GW here in Maine on a Mon. caz it’s last week’s color fill-a-bag for $15. I can nest stuff together and get a LOT into one brown bag! Plus new stuff has come in over the weekend–a chore to donate stuff or failed yard sale things. I have been known to make my dental appts on a Mon. a.m. as the street to GW is DIRECTLY across the street. Hey, it’s a reward for me!

    1. Thrift Store shopping is a great reward. We don’t have fill-a-bag here but it sounds like a great idea. It always amazes me how different parts of the country vary in their thrift stores. Thanks for visiting

  4. A very different green pattern from your other green cloths – almost like an Ikat/quilt pattern (if there’s such a thing). Looking forward to seeing this in your setting. Yay, that you scored another silver chest!

  5. You found so fun stuff. I love that cute little shabby chic box!

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