Welcome to the Blog today, Friends, for a look at an indoor garden table setting. This begins with a beautiful flowered tablecloth that brings some gorgeous flowers indoors and lays them right across the table. Even if you have a gloomy day, you will feel as if you are in the middle of a garden.

The plate stack is really quite simple. I’m using beautiful Spode floral garden plates with three rows of raised decorative “lace” around the rim. There is a matching bread and butter plate that has the same rim and a beautiful rose depicted in the center of the plate. The vibrant pink color of the rose matches the rose colors in the tablecloth. I used large cloth napkins with colors similar to the tablecloth to enhance the plate stack.

The napkin was folded in three…lengthwise…and laid vertically on the porcelain charger. The upper edge of the napkin is tucked under the charger and the lower end is allowed to drape over the bottom of the charger and extend downwards.

Here’s a closer look at the elements of the plate stack. The Spode pattern is called, Jewel. It’s no longer being made and a bit hard to find but so pretty and delicate.

Two different crystal glasses are used. The water goblet is a lovely blue that picks up the blue in the tablecloth. The wine glass is by Lenox, the Firelight pattern. The Lenox is a bit on the delicate side and goes well with the delicacy of the Spode.

Melody, silver-plate by Oneida, is used for the flatware. This pattern is very simple with just some flowers etched into the base of the handle.

The centerpiece is loaded with flowers from the garden in hues of blues and purples with a bit of orange for a punch. A colorful grape pitcher is the holder.

Here’s an overhead view of the table. You can see the bountiful flowers strewn across the table from the tablecloth and the centerpiece. Even the plates add to the overall flower theme.

This room always has a beautiful garden view, another way to bring the flowers indoors. Surrounding yourself with flowers makes for a happy and peaceful setting.

Another view of the table looking across the table. Everything on the table is thrifted. You can see how nicely the centerpiece colors fit in in this picture. It’s always a pleasure to use pretty china and crystal and not just for guests. Meals taste better in a pretty setting. Try it, you’ll see it’s true.


10 thoughts on “A Little Garden tablescape

  1. What a lovely table setting! I love that Spode pattern as I love pink roses! Got to do some thrifting after a funeral yesterday; for me, it is always good to “treat” myself to something fun after doing something hard. That is why the street to my local GW is just across from my dentist!

    1. I love to use that old-fashioned vibe in a table setting. It’s comforting and nostalgic and makes you think of home. Reminders of our Moms are special. Thanks for commenting.

    1. Found the Spode dishes last year at a little thrift shop when we were out of town. I think they had just bees set out. the tablecloth is recent but had a real “garden” feel to it. It seemed like a good match. Happy you thought so, too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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