I found this sweet little box last week and thought it would work great with some fresh garden flowers. Welcome to the Blog this week, Friends, for a little flower therapy.

You can see in the picture above that the shabby chic box is holding a variety of Summer flowers from the garden. Zinnias share space with daisies and geraniums and even a little bird. Of course, hydrangea are represented. The flowers are held in several crystal pitchers and then placed in the box. The box sits on some flower and Garden books that I love to look through for inspiration.

I added a second vase of flowers in the same off-white as the box to hold even more blooms and some birds decided to perch near the vase. One of my favorite Tea books rests nearby. It’s a book about creating Alice in Wonderland Teas. Such a lovely one to page through. The vase is by Lenox and quite simple in design.

The flowers rest on a white linen runner shot with silver thread. So pretty and simple.

Such a pretty book for getting ideas for a Victorian Tea. The birds definitely think so.

One of my favorite flower books. You can also see the book on Lavender and Southern Bouquets. Lots of great ideas in all of these books…and some wonderful pictures for a quiet day.

Another view of this quiet collection. It’s really nice to take a little time and enjoy a serene day with some beautiful blooms. Have a wonderful Sunday!


11 thoughts on “Sunday Flower Vignette

  1. Yep, love that box. You are very lucky to have a garden that yields such a wide variety of blooms. In our rental I container garden & have a tiny dirt patch. When we move again, I plan on covering both sides of the terrace with container blooms. It will be a new experience (I will have come full circle).

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