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The Yard/Tag Sale…..Give Me Strength!

“Once upon a time there was a little house filled to the rafters with lovely and unusual treasures.” The “filled” part and the “treasures” part are certainly true of my house but that is about to change. This weekend the community we live in is having a Yard Sale and we are participating. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends, as I share with you …… “The Yard Sale”….LOL.

When I go to a sale I really appreciate having the items tagged with labels and, most importantly, prices. It’s kind of annoying to see something you are interested in buying and then not have it priced. We found a large bag of tags for a couple of dollars and are using them for listing the item and the price. Also these small stick on tags are great for items that don’t require an explanation. The bag above was completely filled with tags when we started.

It’s nice to have items separated into types such as china, crystal, antiques, tools, etc. so someone can go directly to that area of interest and find some treasures to purchase. You can see from the picture above how clear the tags are with explanations and prices.

It’s always good if you have some fun things to sell. Above you can see a set of Johnson Bros. English china in the “Victorian Christmas” pattern. We also have a set of 8 gold rimmed china, a lot of “Friendly Village”, some Crate and Barrel, Mikasa, Williams Sonoma, and even some “Coke” glasses. All of this will be preset in the garage the day before the sale this Saturday.

Sometimes you can sell larger items, as well, like this outdoor table and chairs for six. I really don’t put anything up for sale that’s not in good condition.

Crystal is another thing that you can sell at a Tag Sale. When I put crystal out I make sure it’s in a secure location and that it is clean and sparkly. Things are more likely to sell if they are clean. I have a variety of German crystal, Spode Christmas crystal, Mikasa and just some fun ones. They will also be preset before the sale.

We stage pre-priced items in boxes that can be carried out easily to arrange on tables. This makes it a lot easier to set-up the day before or the morning the sale is happening.

Advertising is important so it’s good to look up local places on line that advertise yard sales. I also post something on Marketplace with some pictures. While I was writing this Blog we sold the table and chairs. They had been posted for about five minutes. Yay!

A question to ask yourself as you price: What happens to the item, if it doesn’t sell? If the answer is donating the item to a local charity shop, you need to price to sell. If you plan to keep the item, if it doesn’t sell, that might be a different pricing structure.

When all is “said and done” we all want a little serenity in our lives. Clearing out some of the extraneous pieces makes for a alter and more peaceful home. You just have to go through the chaos of a yard sale/tag sale to get there. LOL

P.S. If you live in or near the Upstate of South Carolina and want to come to the sale, send me an email.

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