When I got up this morning I had a feeling that I should go to the local Goodwill store. Usually that means there is something waiting there that I should have. My Hubby was amenable and so we started out just after the store had opened to shop there and then run some errands.

I was so excited to find these yellow metal chairs in a set of four. I’m just showing one here but there are three more in excellent condition…..if a bit dirty. This one is cleaned up and you can see that the paint is in good shape and buttercup yellow. Of course my Hubby researched them right there and found that they range in price from $60 per chair to $200 per chair. Thrifting Karma was working this morning as the chairs were $3 each so four for $12. Not too shabby.

Also found some pretty linen place mats with matching napkins. They’ll go well with most things since they are such a neutral color.

Three metal heart forms also ended up in the basket. These will be great for a summer craft or for Valentine’s Day.

Next some Mikasa glasses in the Ritz pattern were found. These have lovely stems and are quite sparkly. Had not seen this pattern before.

These hand carved pillar candlesticks in shabby chic were quite the find. They don’t match exactly but certainly were made by the same craftsman and go together nicely. Love how intricate the carving is on these pieces.

Finally, I ran across these tin chargers. They are quite attractive and they had 12 of them being sold as one lot. You’ll see them in a tablescape soon. Not too bad for a morning in May.

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18 thoughts on “First Thrift Store Haul in May

    1. the chairs are actually really comfortable as well as being such a happy color. White wooden candlesticks are always on my thrifting wish list. Thanks for commenting.

  1. What a great haul! I’ve had my eye open for metal chairs. No luck yet, usually find them in yard sales. Since we will be moving next year not sure any would survive a move. Yours are great! It’s very unusual to find a set of 12 chargers (much less in metal)! I’m not collecting white linen anymore. I’ve accumulated waaayyyy too much, LOL. I always look for candle holders like yours (I have 1 set & have restained another set for daughter). Nice Mikasa pattern.

  2. Great scores! Love the yellow chairs. I oohed over the placemats/napkins. I get crazy with my spray starch and iron when I find treasures like that; they look so elegant! I have made several “rag” wreathes by tying strips of cloth onto round rings like your hearts in red/wh/blue and cranberry/navy/ecru which came out well. I have also wrapped (usually thrifted or clearance!) ribbon around wire frames and then added flowers; so pretty.

    1. Sounds like you are an accomplished thrifter and recycler. It’s always a pleasure to find something exciting and put it to use in your home. Appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

  3. What great finds! We just moved into a new house and it’s close to two thrift stores. I’ve only shopped in them for themed party clothes (like for an 80’s party), but you’ve definitely made me want to see what I can find! Thanks for sharing on Crafty Creators!
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife

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