Can you believe it is the end of April already? I feel like I haven’t accomplished nearly what I should have this month. However, the garden is happily blooming, I’m going to a plant sale this week and my planting beds are all prepped so I can add the new plants right away. Most of the weeding is done and we’ll be ready to start on a couple of major outdoor projects soon. Welcome, Friends, to the Blog today and a look at what I found this week at the Thrift Store.

I’ll start with these really cute candlesticks for Thanksgiving. A pilgrim lady and gentleman are getting ready to serve dinner. Thought these were really sweet and would be fun for a children’s Thanksgiving table.

Finding Christmas ornaments is always high on my list and I ran across several this week. The first three are from “The Trail of Painted Ponies” series. They come in their individual padded boxes and are quite attractive. They are still being made and sell for $20 – $30 each. I found these for $1.00 each. Not too bad. The last item is a vintage Wedgewood Santa ornament. It’s in excellent condition and came in the original box…..always a plus. These are also quite pricey so I was very happy to find it at thrift Store prices.

Haven’t run across much ironstone lately but this is a nice vintage coffee server by Red Cliff in the “grape leaf” pattern. It had no chips or cracks and the inside was also pristine. It’s quite attractive and will make a nice addition to my collection.

Two very different pieces of artwork found their way into my cart. The first is an acrylic painting of a spring landscape and the second a whimsical piece of a cowboy goose created by an artist who paints mostly realistic duck pictures, Larry Crawford. The piece is called, Marshall Duck…..makes you smile to look at it.

This felt board letter stand came complete with all the plastic letters. It will be great for menus, seasonal greetings, etc.

This pasta maker was a great find with attachments for regular spaghetti, fettuccini and ravioli cutters along with the pasta roller. There will be lots of great pasta in our future.

these cute wooden boxes with the very bright decals on the ends were 50 cents each so I had to bring them home. Not sure exactly what I will use them for yet but I imagine a picnic setting of some sort. Not too shabby for the end of April and a low thrifting month. Hope you are successful in your next thrifting adventure.

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6 thoughts on “Last Thrift Haul in April

  1. Loved seeing your treasures. I always love small crates for storing CDs! Or craft supplies. Or seed packets! Or 3 small flower pots! That coffee pot is gorgeous! My daughter (and grand) are horse lovers–you got such a bargain!

  2. I agree with Carol B. Too bad my hubby will not eat pasta! What a great find that pasta machine.

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