The garden is blooming with Spring flowers and temperatures are warming up. It’s a lovely time of year to eat out on the screened-in porch. Welcome, Friends, to the Blog today as I set up a pretty table outside.

You can see in the background that the garden is coming to life. I’ve been out cleaning out the herb garden, cutting back vining plants and doing general clean-up in preparation for the up-coming plant sales in my area. I love to go to some of the larger ones for bedding plants, herbs and the occasional perennial.

I had two different centerpieces in mind when I put this tablescape together. The first was a simple pansy blooming in a blue, white and green pot that matched the tablecloth. The blues and whites in the tablecloth are striking and create a pretty fluid background for the table setting.

The second was a simple pot of tulips I picked up at the grocery store in a bright and bold yellow. I ended up going with the yellow tulips as they made me smile and added a pop of color to brighten up the table.

The plate stack consisted of a charger, dinner plate, salad/dessert plate and a bread and butter plate. The napkin was in a co-ordinating blue with an organic metal napkin ring I found recently when thrifting.

Starting from the top and working my way down I used a Villeroy & Boch blue dotted bread and butter plate with a white center. For the salad/dessert plate….. a made in Portugal white plate with a raised dotted rim was used. The dinner plate is a hand-painted Polish plate in a striking blue and white pattern. The charger is by Fortessa and is a bone white china.

I used Mikasa stainless steel flatware. Love this simple but elegant pattern and I use it frequently. It goes with everything.

The blue frosted water goblet is really pretty and I love using it in a variety of settings. The water goblet was paired with a patterned Mikasa balloon wine glass……very pretty and comes in a variety of patterns. I used four different patterns for this setting.

This is a pretty simple setting but has an organic feel to it which comes partly from the tablecloth with its sense of movement and partly from the outdoor setting. We enjoyed eating on the porch with the lovely blue and white and the happy pop of yellow.


12 thoughts on “Blue and White on the Porch

  1. My all-time favorite color combo, as you know. Because of the heavily patterned (lovely) tablecloth, I find it difficult to see the patterned wineglasses. I think that type of stemware is enhanced by a solid or low key table covering, imho.

  2. What a pretty table. Your yellow tulips made me smile, too! My pot of coral pink tulips went to church for Easter Sunday to Al’s mother’s house for Easter dinner; she is on hospice and I hope they made her smile, too. I have a few daffodils blooming but spring in Maine in SLOW!

  3. I use blue and white in lots of my home decor. Your glasses, dishes, and tablecloth all come together in your table setting. It’s pleasant and inviting.

  4. That is lovely! I just love blue glassware and used to have so many pieces of it before we had kids. I don’t know if we broke some through the years or just changed it out but now we have all clear and I miss the blue.

  5. What a lovely table! I love all of the blue and white, and your yellow tulips are gorgeous! Your screened-in porch and backyard are so peaceful and inviting. Thank you for sharing!

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