I just returned from a lovely afternoon at the Biltmore Estate and the new Monet Experience that is being hosted by Biltmore. The above picture is one of Monet’s quintessential water lily paintings. The exhibit is entitled Monet and Friends and the immersive experience exposes you to Monet and other contemporary Impressionist artists. Welcome, Friends, as I share a taste of the exhibit with you as well as some Sunday Flowers.

Color in nature inspires art and the Impressionists were inspired by the natural scenes that they found in every day life. Meadows, bodies of water, every day tasks were all subjects of the Impressionists. In all of their work color was a predominant factor.

The exhibit explores the art of the Impressionists by surrounding the participants with huge projections of paintings, pieces of paintings and natural photographs of the places depicted in the paintings. The projected images are at least 12 feet high and there are multiple images displayed at the same time. The changing images are set to classical music from the time period as well as some contemporary pieces. The audio + visuals enclose the participant in wonderful color and sound that transports you to the art of the Impressionists.

The above is a small portion of one of the paintings. The intense color and movement created by the artist is astounding.

For those of us who like table settings this is a glimpse into a scene at a restaurant. Wine and fruit as well as some cheese appears on a linen tablecloth. Casual diners are enjoying the day in colorful exurberance.

Depicting everyday people in everyday situations was one of the ways in which the Impressionists changed how we look at art.

The images are really quite overwhelming helping to transport you into the painting and the genius of the artist.

After seeing all this beautiful art I came home and tried to decide what to do for my Sunday Flowers.

Trying to collect some of that color and light I put together this tray of colorful blooms in Lenox vases and a pot with some shades of pink.

Ranunculus, carnations, mums, phlox, basil and hyacinth come together to bring vibrant colors to this collection. You can see how the side light from the window lights up the tray and the flowers. Multiple shades of pink and yellow show against a background of a deep green basil plant.

Nature is a wonderful painter choosing exuberant color to bring life to a landscape or a room.

Yellows, pink and purples against a green backdrop…..great inspiration for some Sunday flowers. “Monet and Friends”…..painters providing great inspiration for appreciating life.

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13 thoughts on “Sunday Flowers and the Monet Exhibit

  1. Your flowers on the silver tray are quite lovely! I always enjoy looking at impressionist paintings. The Telfair Museum here in Savannah had an extensive showing of Monet’s and other impressionists’ work just a few years ago. Also — I’ve been to Monet’s home in Giverny, France. If you ever get there, it’s an awesome experience to walk through his gardens and home.

    1. Thanks. I love using trays for display. We saw the same Monet exhibit a few years ago and it was wonderful. Haven’t been to Giverny yet but it is certainly on my list. I hope you got some wonderful photos when you were there.

  2. Oh my– that sounds amazing! I wish I lived closer; the impressionists were always my favorite artists and I can not imagine getting to be immersed in their paintings!!

  3. This is beautiful My best friend went to this exhibit and loved it. Last thanksgiving weekend, my husband and I attended the Van Gogh Immersion Experience in Minneapolis, and it was breathtaking. I felt like we were inside the painting.

  4. Oh, I envy you your visit to see the Monet paintings. He is my favorite. I have a small robin’s egg blue bathroom COVERED in mostly small Monet prints. I finally figured out that it was the way he paints the sunlight that appeals to me. In Maine and with seasonal affectivie disorder, I need all the sunshine I can get! I have even collected tiny pictures for dollhouse decor!

    1. Maine is beautiful and wonderful to visit in the Summer but I imagine the winers can be quite dark. The exhibit really showed the luminous quality of the paintings. Sounds like you would have loved it on many levels. Thanks for commenting.

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