Special dinner gatherings are always on the calendar and in preparation I am putting together some additions to the Easter table I’m planning. That includes some pretty flowered napkin rings. Welcome to the blog today, Friends, as we create these pretty napkin rings from some Thrift Store finds.’

I started with a piece of wired greenery cut to about three inches. Then formed a circle from the strip to act as the napkin ring. I secured the wire ends around the circle so it would hold tightly.

I used a floral bouquet, found at the Thrift Store, to take apart for individual flowers for the napkin rings. This gave me lots of size options for the flowers and was much less expensive than buying single blooms at a retail store. In the above picture you can see the other tools I used……wire cutters, and scissors for the ribbon.

Here you can see the ring that was formed. Then I took some faux flower stems, roses, and some greenery from the flower bouquet found at the Thrift Store and attached them to the napkin ring with florist wire.

In the above picture you can see the wire attaching the faux flowers to the green ring. That’s all there is to it.

Insert the napkin through the ring as you would any napkin holder and you are done. These are really easy to create and look really nice on the table. You can choose colors to fit whatever table setting you are using

Add a decorative ribbon to tie the napkin ring in to your color scheme and you are done.

This is a nice easy craft for any table setting you have planned.


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  1. How pretty, looks so delicate! Thanks so much for linking up at the Crafty Creators Link Party 13. Pinned.

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