Ireland is a land where even the air seems to be filled with magic so it’s not surprising to encounter magical creatures everywhere you go. In a quiet garden sits a beautiful mermaid enjoying a sunny day in a pool surrounded by water lilies a sea shell clasped in her hands. The still water reflects the flowering tree overlooking the pond while the Mermaid’s shadow draws you deep below the surface of the pool. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends.

If you bring home a little “luck of the Irish”, you will have a friend who creates a beautiful pointillism piece from the original photograph and suddenly you have a stunning piece of artwork to commemorate that magical time in Ireland.

…..Pointillism is a technique of neo-impressionist painting using tiny dots which become blended in the viewer’s eye. It was developed by Georges Seurat with the aim of producing a greater degree of luminosity……

Here you can see the tiny detail of the dots that go into creating the scales on the mermaid’s tail.

In this picture you an see the veining in the leaf. So many tiny points to create a whole.

Here the subtle color added to the seashell and the rippling of the mermaid’s hair.

The entire painting is created with tiny dots that blend together to form the image. You can see the scales on the mermaid’s leg and the veining in the leaves as well as the rippling effect of her hair all made with tiny individual dots of ink.

I added some Sunday flowers to the photograph of the mermaid. They seem to blend right in with the colors in the picture. The browns and blues in the hand thrown pottery jugs pick up the same colors in the photograph and make them a bit more intense. Couldn’t resist adding a pop of pink from the azaleas displayed in a very modern pottery ceramic. The greens are picked up in the lily pads making the flowers flow into the picture.

The flowers surround my pointillist mermaid here. Since the mermaid is in black and white the flowers provide some pops of color to really make her stand out. Rannunculus, hydrangea, mums, carnations and azaleas contribute to the floral bower in which the Mermaid finds herself. I think she will be quite happy in this setting.

Love how these images work so well side-by-side…..a reminder of a magical vacation and a wonderful friend. What could be better?

If you would like to have one of your memories become a piece of art, you can contact the artist Cornelia Drinkard Scibetta on her Facebook page at: Cornelia-Carl Scibetta.

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13 thoughts on “The Irish Mermaid…..and Sunday Flowers

  1. Your photo is a beautiful image anyway you look at it. Lovely and I have a soft spot for mermaids from my Danish Heritage, home of the ‘Little Mermaid’!

  2. I like it! Ireland is magical place to visit! Thanks so much for linking up at the Crafty Creators Link Party 13. Pinned.

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