This simple Spring table setting has a few quirks and an abundance of flowers to share with your dinner guests. Finding the right china for a tablecloth can sometimes be a challenge. If your tablecloth is exuberant than it helps to keep the china on the quiet side. Welcome to the blog today, Friends, as I share a Spring table setting with you. This one came together in about 15 minutes. Table settings don’t have to be time consuming to be pretty.

This one started with a tablecloth I found a month ago and have been waiting to use for a Spring setting. There are lots of flowers spread over the cloth in purples, blue and greens so finding some china to go with it was a bit daunting.

So, I held off on that decision and looked to the centerpiece. this is one of my favorite “quirky” garden selections. It’s actually an old metal watering can shaped like a snail and in shades of green and yellow. He has a sweet face and just makes me smile. In the hole that is used to fill the can with water I inserted some purple flowers that bring out the purple shades in the tablecloth. I set the watering can on a decorative plate that picks up the green in the tablecloth and in the watering can.

For the plate stack I started with a green charger by Lenox that has flowers in white relief around the rim. A dinner plate by Johnson Brothers of England came next. The flower pattern is similar to the flowers in the tablecloth and the greens match the green in the charger. The bird plates by Meakin of England are next with their lovely raised flowered rims and depiction of beautiful birds in the center of the plate. I like to use these to present guests with another lovely image when the top plate is removed. I used the Johnson Brothers desert/salad plate in the same design as the dinner plate to complete the stack.

Crystal water goblets, Opal Innocence, by Lenox are partnered with Mikasa wine glasses, Panache Clear. The similar shape of the bowls of the crystal glasses pull them together even though the stems are quite different.

I used a simple silver-plate pattern for the flatware. It has nice lines and minimal decoration so shows up in contrast to the very patterned tablecloth.

I kept the napkins and napkin rings neutral in this setting and let the glory go to the tablecloth. Here you can see the overhead view. There’s lots of color but enough simplicity to allow the eye to rest.

A single place setting shows in this picture.

A side view looking to the next setting. There’s plenty of space around the table for each guest.

This is my favorite dining space overlooking the garden. When creating a table setting, start with something you love like a tablecloth or a centerpiece and build your setting from there. Makes it easier and you’ll be surprised how quickly things come together.


6 thoughts on “Simple Spring Table Setting

  1. Very pretty. Johnson Brothers has such pretty patterns! Love this one for spring.

  2. The JB plates match the tablecloth perfectly. I love the Meakin birds. I have a similar plate by Cauldon.

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