Found a few things at the Thrift Store this past week to share with you. Welcome, Friends, to the end of March thrifting Blog. I didn’t get to shop much this week. The weather was nice and I spent time outside taking photos, working in the yard and meeting with friends. My Hubby and I are also teaching a photo class each week so that takes a bit of time. However, I do have a few fun finds to share.

I’ll start with this great round tablecloth. It didn’t have any labels so don’t know who made it but I loved the color and the profusion of flowers that are scattered over the fabric. The color is rich and intense and there are lots of accent colors that can be used with this tablecloth.

Found this great Fitz & Floyd, Santa’s Express, in the original packaging.

Fitz & Floyd has wonderful holiday ceramic pieces and are known for their attention to detail. Love the Christmas ones and they have some great Spring pieces as well. Found this for a great price in a local Thrift Store and will add it to my Christmas collection.

Next is this swan terra cotta planter. I use a lot of live plants outside and in so planters are always on my wish list when I go thrifting. This was quite cute and I’m sure to be able to use it soon. Reminds me of Swan Lake”.

The sugar and creamer above are metal and carved with gorgeous flowers over the outside of the the pieces. They are quite small so will be great for Afternoon Tea. The handles are graceful and curve inward toward the main bowl of the piece. These cleaned up really well and I’m looking forward to using them soon.

These great Lenox crystal glasses made it into the cart. They are rimmed with gold and the pattern is, Unity. These glasses have a wonderful Art Deco look to them and I have already used them for a dinner party.

This find was especially fun and at one of my favorite Thrift Stores that benefits the Humane Society. They have an interesting history and are made by La Rochelle, a French company that has been in business for 543 years according to their website. These glasses are part of their Napoleon Bee Collection and are inspired by a famous pattern that belonged to Napoleon. It is also a symbol of the South of France and its countryside. The silhouette is quite modern and these could be everyday glasses.

Napoleon adopted the bee as his personal insignia which was suggested to him by one of his advisors. In 1658 the tomb of Childeric was discovered and in the tomb there were more than three hundred pure gold bees whose wings were inlaid with carnelian. Childeric lived between 437 and 481, an early French Dynasty, and Napoleon apparently liked associating himself with these early rulers of France.

I just liked the bee insignia on the modern looking glasses and will be using them in some “Bee” tablescapes in upcoming months. Now all I need to do is find some “Bee” dinner plates. LOL

The last find was four Churchill plates found at Goodwill. These plates with their decorative rims and centers which depict a scene are not easy to find. I like to bring them home whenever I find them in good condition. this was a set of four salad, dessert plates. It turned out to be a good day at the Thrift Store. Happy Thrifting!

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8 thoughts on “Thrifting at the End of March

  1. Dang, girl! Those LaRochelle glasses are NOT inexpensive to purchase new. You really scored big on those and the F&F and Lenox. Pretty tablecloth too. Good work!

  2. You’ve found some really wonderful things this month while thrifting, Lynne! The last good thing I found (about 2 months ago) was a nice pair of jeans – Liz Claiborne (? sp.). Usually I find some really nice china and my French statuary couple came from Twice As Nice Resale, a really nice store here in North Texas, if you ever drive through Denton.

    Enjoy all your treasures,
    Barb 🙂

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