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Larry the Yoga Frog with Spring Flowers

Everyone should have a Yoga Frog who sits in the perfect lotus position and contemplates the wonders of nature. Larry has his own yoga mat and brings a sense of Zen to the Sunday flower arrangement I’m sharing with you today. Welcome, Friends, to the Blog today as I share this flower vignette with you. Larry is enjoying the black pussy willows from the garden as he goes through his yoga routine.

Larry sits in front of an arrangement of pussy willows and astromelia with white mums and yellow carnations interspersed amid the pussy willows. These pussy willows are on a black base with yellow spots of foliage giving them quite an interesting look… fuzzy, yellow caterpillars.

The flower container is a hand thrown pitcher from a South Carolina potter. I received it as a housewarming gift some years ago. I love the colors and the pinched design of the jug. Pussy willows and flowers seem to go well together.

The yellow spots on the pussy willows are picked up in the yellow carnations and the little bit of yellow in the pitcher. The green mat Larry uses for yoga compliments the colors in the foliage and pulls the look together. Larry, like most frogs, is an outdoor kind of guy and acquires a bit of green moss as he meditates in the garden. A simple white embroidered runner is the base for the vignette.

Love how frog and flowers are captured in the mirror and reflected back to the originals. Two Larry’s are better than one. LOL

Can’t think of a better way to spend a few minutes on a beautiful Sunday than contemplating the wonders of the natural world that surrounds us. Let’s be mindful and not take it for granted. Enjoy your Sunday! Larry sends you….. Namaste!

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