Thrift Store finds come in all sizes and this haul is a bit on the small side. However, it makes up in quality for the small size. Welcome, Friends, to the first thrifting adventure for the month of March. The sun is shining, plants are blooming and pollen fills the air. Unfortunately, not great as I am really allergic to tree pollen….one of the challenges of doing anything out of doors in March. However, in a short trip I managed to pick up some goodies to share with you.

These lovely glasses by Mikasa are in their Duo pattern. If you look closely at the stems, you can see that they are square……a bit unusual but kind of fun. The rest of the glass is quite simple and these would be great for everyday. Love the two balls of crystal that are supported on the square stems to add to the interest.

This gorgeous tablecloth was wrapped in tissue paper with a recent cleaning tag attached to it. It is beautifully starched and pristine with no rents or tears and no stains. It’s a large tablecloth for a table that would comfortably seat eight or ten guests. I was tickled to have found this.

This sweet little wooden bunny was only a dollar. Love the plain white ones as they go with everything.

A set of eight stainless steel steak knives found their way home with me. These are by Henkel, an excellent German maker of knives. I have a number of them for cooking and they really hold their edge and are well-balanced. It was nice to find a whole set and in such excellent condition.

The brand always stamps their work with little men as shown above. The more little men the better the quality. One little man is still a good quality knife.

The find of the day was this beautiful Minton China in pristine condition. There are not even any knife blade marks on the plates. Clearly this was kept for best. These are the dinner plates in a soft blue color with raised flowers and leaves circling the rim. A band of silver runs on the outside edge and the inner edge of the plate. They are really lovely.

Here’s a picture of the Maker’s mark and the pattern is marked as, Turquoise Cameo.

Here is a picture of the luncheon plates. I was able to purchase 8 dinner and 6 luncheon plates. Found these at Goodwill. Happy Danced all the way home.

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