I love decorating my gallery wall in the Morning Room. Each season offers opportunities to offer fresh ideas about an old friend. Welcome, Friends, to the Spring look for the Morning Room.

Above you’ll see some close ups of the framed art on the gallery wall. They are a mix of water colors, etchings, and signs depicting some scenes from Spring. I love the old southern shack with the moss just beginning to show green on the trees. A golf scene shows a slice of living decades ago when men dressed in suits and hats to watch a golf game. The watercolor that is my newest one shows a colonial city or perhaps Florence or New Orleans with flower baskets on the railings. The last one is an English watercolor of Warwick Castle in the Spring or Summer. We visited there a few years back when we were living in Reading. It was quite spectacular and I love the peacocks who had the run of the garden and greeted each morning quite vocally. There’s also a Happy Easter sign included on the wall as Easter is not far off.

These great Botanic plates are on the first tier of the gallery. I displayed two dinner and two salad plates each with a different herb shown on the plate. I love how accurate these are and the beautiful colors they display. They looked right at home with the paintings.

In the above picture you can see the sign asking for a little suspended reality, “Once Upon a Time”. Maybe it refers to a simpler time or a return to childhood when bunnies brought Easter eggs on Easter morning. The combination of pictures and plates works well and the white bunnies content to settle down with their black and white carrots complete the picture. The homemade stenciled window behind the bunnies adds some color to the scene.

A pretty flower basket set on a beautiful plate helps complete the gallery.

No Spring display would be complete without a basket of eggs and chocolate bunnies.

This is always a fun project to tackle. I really enjoy being able to change out for each season creating a different background for the Morning Room every few months.

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