Tiered trays are a challenge for me but I gathered together some country items and a tin tiered tray and put one together for you. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends as I share my country tray with you.

Tin trays are nice to use because they generally have higher sides on the tiers so things are not at risk for falling out. That’s a nice benefit. What I’ve used today was all thrifted items which I hope you’ll enjoy. They are a bit eclectic but then so is life.

The top tray is simply styled. Just three items and they are a mix. I used a great rooster plate in nice earthy colors as a backdrop for the tray. In front of the plate sits a wonderful pottery house from a potter friend (only thing not thrifted). I love that it’s not straight but looks like it’s been a house for a very long time. The earthen colors are wonderful and blend with the plate. The old wooden cow takes center stage. He has a few nicks and scratches but lots of character. Farms would have a mix of animals so cows and roosters seemed to go together.

The bottom tier is also quite simple with not too many items. It has another rooster plate to anchor the tier. In front of the plate you’ll find an old cow bell. I loved how worn this was and obviously well used. What stories it could tell. It was a bit big to tie on the cow but the second wooden cow certainly needed to be near the bell. The black and white polka dots around the rim of the plate tie in nicely with the black and white cow.

The other side of the tier showcases an old butter mold. I love the look of the two different wood or wood stains on the body of the mold. The little crack in the top shows its been well used. Two tea towels in grey and white are set on the side of the tray. They echo the tin that the tray is made from and ties it together.

Here you can see the whole bottom tier and the very sweet green onion cat that calls to mind the country theme. What farm doesn’t have a “mouser”. I think this set cat would serve that purpose well. Found this in a little independent thrift Store when we were traveling. It’s made from pottery and is quite charming with its graceful lines and shaded colors.

The tray is set on an old cutting board and has a special place in the kitchen. Tiers are a nice way to display small items but still keep them contained and the tray is easily moved from one spot to another as needed.

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