One of the first antiques my Hubby and I bought after we were married was this early American “Cubby”. It has been used for toys, pottery, tea cups and all kinds of things over the years. I decided to use it for loose leaf tea storage along with some pottery pieces that have some age and a story.

Welcome, Friends, to the Blog today. I’m going to share the story of all the tea I have ready to use at home. The tea ranges from common blends to fairly rare types of tea.

I’ve been cleaning out the storage areas and pulled this bin out. I knew it was stocked with tea. Tea can be stored indefinitely, if it’s kept in sealed containers out of the light.

When I opened the container there were many samples of teas. Some white, yellow green, oolong, and black. Some herbal organic teas as well. All are representations of the different types of tea and they are left over from a variety of tea classes I have taught over the past few years.

But how to store them?

I collected some jars and antique small milk bottles to use to store the tea. They would fit comfortably on the cubby shelves allowing the tea to be visible and creating an interesting corner of the room right next to the kitchen. You can see the very long strands of dried leaf in the jar above…..typical of a Golden Monkey Tea. It’s quite delicious and has a beautiful yellow color.

Small tags purchased at Walmart identified the types of tea and the brewing directions were written on the flip side of the tag.

You can see that some of the teas are different. This is an aged Puer tea that looks like little balls. Puer has a smokey taste to it……quite earthy and full-bodied. Lots of unusual forms of tea are now displayed in the Cubby.

The large jars worked really well for larger amounts of tea.

Lots of different and colorful tea tins are kept in the cubby as well. You can see the bright yellow of Earl Grey, the black-tinned Paris tea (really delicious). Lovely purples, reds and greens are also part of the colorful display. We have tea every afternoon so all this tea is actually used.

Bottles, tins and pottery are on display and allow easy access to the “perfect” cup of tea.

I have this container as well that holds sealed small bags of various teas. They are easy to access and enjoy.

Brew yourself a cup of. loose tea for a respite during the day, a moment to relax and think, a time to share with a loved one. Tea has been used for all these purposes from the beginning. Give it a ry and enjoy.

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