It’s time to change the Winter decor to a little bit of Spring. The entrance seemed a good place to begin. Welcome, Friends, to a Spring look to the front hall.

This is the before picture with it’s Winter look and rather stark design. Spring calls for a bit more exuberance.

I started with a simple white embroidered runner, rather old-fashioned and cozy in appearance. Then I placed a blue and white planter filled with hyacinth (could be tulips), can’t quite remember what I planted, bulbs that are starting to come up. The bulbs were planted last fall. Growing things really signify Spring to me.

I added this pretty Fitz & Floyd plate covered in raised flowers and butterflies. The plate sits on a gold painted plate stand in front of the mirror.

On the corner is a shabby chic candle stand with a pillar candle. In front of the candle is one of my favorite vintage finds…..a snail watering can in yellows and turquoise. He is such a sweet part of any Spring garden I had to set him here.

I decided to add this Victorian tray to the mix. The colors blend and I love the shape.

A rose wreath is mounted to the mirror and adds some lovely blush pink colors to the setting. The wreath colors are echoed in the pinks found in the flowered plate.

The pictures flanking either side of the sideboard also have the same blues, greens and rose colors bringing everything together.

It’s difficult to get a good front-facing picture of the entrance hall because of the way the hall and another room off the hall impact this area. Did my best and managed to stay out of the mirror as well. A little bit of ivy running up the candlestick and across the back of the sideboard completed the decor…..a nod to Spring decorating.

Everything you see in the picture was thrifted except the mirror.

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