I was on my way home from teaching a couple of classes at the local university. My Hubby and I teach a photography class and a travel class every week. Lots of fun, quite a bit of work but you get to meet some wonderful fellow enthusiasts in the classes. We have a local Thrift Store that’s on the way home and my Hubby thought we should stop in. He’s been getting “Thrift Store vibes” lately and mine seem to be on vacation, so we stopped and I’m so glad we did.

The above picture is a few more items that I found today. My Hubby’s thrifting radar is right on target.

The first thing I saw were these wonderful French Provincial style plates from Fitz & Floyd. I love the deep blue and yellow colors that circle the rim with an inner ring of yellow with blue dots.

Here’s the back of the plate where you can see the name of the pattern, Coq Du Village. They had six plates so I put all of them in my cart. I have a French Blue and Yellow tablecloth that I think will be perfect to accompany these plates.

This is a table runner with these lovely birds in muted tones. Not quite sure how I’ll use it but I loved the look of the runner.

Valentine’s Day is over but found these very sweet heart placemats. They would be perfect for a children’s table next year. Found five of them and they washed up nicely.

Had to share this wonderful Mikasa china find with you. I tried to get a close-up of the rim so you could see it has raised parts. When you run your fingers over the rim you can feel that the leaves are in relief. Loved the colors and this textured rim is great.

The pattern is Villa Medici and quite lovely. The plates and pasta bowls are quite expensive and I was able to find six of each…..at Thrift Store prices, of course. Two more place settings were available when I looked the next day so now I have a full set of eight each. What great luck!

These are also dishwasher and microwave safe so very practical as well as beautiful. Can’t wait to use them in a table setting. My Hubby has been getting some good Thrift Store “tingles” lately. Hope he keeps it up.

Found this great pitcher in the Lenox Butterfly Meadow pattern. I’ve been adding to my collection of this china slowly but have come across several pieces in the last couple of weeks.

Love the butterfly on the handle. I’m amazed it hasn’t been broken off or damaged but the piece was pristine.

These two beautiful wine glasses in Mikasa’s Olympus pattern found their way home with me. These glasses are amazingly expensive so I was happy to find them in excellent condition.

This beautiful set, the I Love You, set by Michael Aram and Maryse Boxer, a London designer, was a terrific find. If you read it from left to right the knife is the I, the spoon shaped like a heart is the love and the fork shaped like a U is the You. These are silver-plate over stainless steel and quite heavy.

Here you can read the stamp that appears on each of the serving pieces.

They came in their own bag lined with silver protective fabric and labeled with the designers’ names. They were very tarnished when I brought them home but, as you can see, they polished up nicely. The handles are in a kind of twig design. Quite the find and it was in a local thrift store I hadn’t visited before. I didn’t think there were any of those left in my area. LOL

Last on the list is this great oil painting by Bernard. He is known for painting wildlife, especially birds and I loved the colors in this painting. They sell for about $400 but this one was about $8. I keep saying I don’t purchase a lot of artwork but I seem to be finding some attractive pieces lately.

Here’s a closer look at parts of the painting. The birds are quite detailed and love the detail on the trees.

That’s it for this week’s thrifting adventures. Hope you all had some great luck in finding treasures.

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