Thrift Stores have a lot of donated wall art. Everything from oil paintings to watercolors from pencil drawings to etchings are represented there and most of them are not particularly valuable. However, art is truly in the eye of the beholder and what one person gives away another takes home. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends. I’m going to share a few found objects with you some of which are pictures from the Thrift Store.

First, however, is this plant cloning system, basically an aeroponics system for rooting plants. Then the plants grow and you have grown-up plants that could be vegetables, herbs or flowers. This is an unopened box and basically brand new. They are quite expensive to purchase and this one, from Goodwill, was quite the deal.

The first art piece is from the Stratford Festival in Canada. It’s a nicely framed print that shows costumes from the 2000 season. Our daughter attended the Shakespeare camp that summer and so this will be a good memory for her.

A second print from 1999 shows the costumes from one of the productions that year, The School for Scandal. Stratford does a wonderful job producing theatrical pieces with big name actors. They have a pretty large costume budget and the costumes are period accurate for many of their productions. Their main focus is Shakespearean plays but they always produce a musical and several other plays that range from Greek Tragedy to Modern pieces. These prints are in great frames and quite colorful. The costumes are really interesting and make for nice pieces of art. Such fun to find something that actually jogs a memory.

The last piece of art was a real find. This piece is framed with museum quality glass…..often an indicator of a more expensive piece. The work is an original watercolor. I think it’s quite an attractive painting, expensively framed and in excellent condition. It was a great find at $2.50. The signature on this watercolor is very hard to decipher. If anyone recognizes the painter, please let me know.

It was great finding such nice pieces all at Goodwill. We’ll enjoy them for a long time to come.

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