Sometimes thrifting is not about the big finds but about the little things that fill in some gaps you might have in home decor, holiday embellishments, or even sewing needs. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends. I’ll be sharing some recent finds that filled in some holes in my decor.

This great Hallowe’en figure in wood was a great find for 75 cents. I loved the movement built into the figure and he seems happy as well as just a bit spooky. Bats are flying off his shoulder and spiders are on his clothing. the colors are a bit muted and will work really well with some spooky Hallowe’en decor.

The next find was also for Hallowe’en. A light-up, battery run, sign that says Spooky. It has Edison style light bulbs substituted for the “o’s” in Spooky and tiny embedded lights outlining the other letters. It’s difficult to check battery run objects in the Thrift Store so I just hoped it would light up when I inserted that batteries at home.

It did. What fun this will be on Hallowe’en. It was a steal at just a couple of dollars.

I’d been looking for some napkins that I could stencil for Easter or for Spring and ran across these white cotton blend napkins for 35 cents each. I’m hoping they will work well. Purchased the six napkins that they had. I’ll let you know how that little project turns out.

It’s always nice to have some trim on hand for different projects that might turn up. This was 9 yards of trim for under $1. Can’t do much better than that and the trim is a very pretty pink color. It’s a looped trim on a wide braided cord.

I always keep an eye open for wire-edged ribbon and came across several spools of 2″ wide ribbon. Each roll was 75 cents so a pretty good find. Ribbon always comes in handy for package wrapping or wreaths. I like to keep a variety on hand.

These two cute little owls found their way home with me. I’m planning a Woodland tree for Christmas this year so will be looking for appropriate ornaments. Thought these guys would fit right into that theme.

These sweet wooden chalkboards hung on white ribbon can be used for lots of different settings. I’m not quite sure how I will use them but I know they will appear in a setting quite soon. I found four of them so they might even be in a table setting.

This last item my Hubby found and it’s a bit unusual……vintage Hazel Atlas Kar-Lac Mix-Serv Soda Fountain Milkshake Malt Glasses. That is quite a mouthful. these are the glasses that would have had the ice cream and milk poured into them and then have been put under the mixer to make the shake. The glasses would then have been served directly to the customer. Kind of cool.

This is a view of the inside of the glass where you can clearly see the labeling inscribed in the bottom of the glass.

All-in-all some fun finds this week.

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