It’s quite fun to create a sign for spring especially from a thrifted item as the base for your project. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends, as I use a shabby chic window to create a pleasing and fresh entry to the delights of Spring. I have to apologize for the reflection in the window above. The glass was so sparkly clean it reflected everything and I couldn’t find a spot where I didn’t get something showing in the glass. LOL

For a couple of dollars I purchased this double pane window at Goodwill. It was in good condition and I just had to clean the frame with Murphy’s Oil and the window pane with windex. It’s good to have a few nicks here and there to put it into the shabby chic category.

Next a piece of cardboard was fitted to the underside of the window. It fits very snugly so doesn’t need to be held in the frame with glue or with tape.

Then the cardboard was covered with gift wrap in a solid blue to act as a background for the window.

When you flip the window over you have solid blue showing through the window pane.

Another option would be to paint the back side of the window which would also act as a solid background. However, I would like the option of reusing the window for different images so opted for the wrapping paper.

I selected a stencil that I could use with a variety of pastel colors. The stencil was anchored to the glass with masking tape that held it tightly against the glass.

Colors were chosen and then I began to apply them to the stencil. I started with the truck first and created the color by mixing pink and red to give it a softer feel.

I continued adding colors masking off areas to protect them as I applied paint to the stencil. The paint was allowed to dry thoroughly and then the stencil was removed. In some instances I “assisted” the drying process with a hair dryer. Works great.

When the stencil was lifted the image was bright and cheerful. You can see how the flowers are shaded making them appear more natural. The same shading was used for the flower stems. Nothing in nature is only one solid color. Brown tires with the hubcaps in silver completed the truck.

Next the second stencil was laid down on the other side of the window. You can see the ruler marking the center of the window. It will be replaced later by a wooden mullion to create two individual window panes.

Then I began to paint the second stencil. I used silver paint to stencil in the watering can and then created some rust to make it appear a little worn.

Shading was added to the leaves and the sunflowers to add some depth. Additional pastel colors were used to create the design.

When the paint was dry the stencil was lifted and the design revealed. I think it turned out rather well.

Both sides of the design are finished and show up quite well against the background. It just needs the final step to complete the project. Then it can be displayed for Spring.

The last step was to add a white piece of wood down the center of the window to divide the window into two separate parts. I think the division helps each stencil to stand on its own. The basket was another project. I do like the energy that comes with planning for Spring.’

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