Once in a while you’ll get a little tingle that tells you you need to stop at a particular store or shop because there is something at that shop that you must see and perhaps take home. On the way home from teaching today my Hubby had that tingle. Very unusual for him. However, we followed it and stopped at the Thrift Store closest to out home and we really found some treasures. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends, as I share what my Hubby’s feeling led us to find.

Starting with the china, we found this great serving plate from Lenox in the Butterfly Meadow pattern. I have a tea set in this pattern so am always on the lookout for other pieces.

Also found a matching bowl. That would have been enough to make my day but there was much more to come.

First are these four wine glasses by Lenox crystal in the Encore pattern. They are made for red wine but could double as water goblets as the bowls of the glasses are quite large. The pattern is simple but the stems leading into the bowl of the glass are quite attractive. They are marked Lenox on the base of the stem.

Next are these four wine glasses in the Rhythm Platinum pattern also by Lenox. The stems on these glasses are also quite attractive and the bowls are rimmed in platinum…..very pretty and in perfect condition. They were, however quite dirty when I found them. They sparkle now.

The next two finds are both by Tiffin-Franciscan crystal. The tea/water glasses above are in the Princeton pattern. They are quite attractive and simple in design.

Finally we have these liquor/cocktail/sherbert glasses in the Elyse pattern. they are really beautiful. I was able to purchase five glasses in each of the last two patterns. So the rundown on price is as follows:

Encore by Lenox sells for about $18/glass;

Rhythm Platinum by Lenox sells for $24/ glass;

Princeton by Tiffin-Franciscan sells for $25.50/glass; and,

Elyse by Tiffin-Franciscan sells for $89/glass.

The Meadow Garden by Lenox is quite expensive although I don’t have exact prices to share today.

It was quite a nice shopping experience and everything was from one store…..that made it even better. Once everything was home and washed I was able to really enjoy how beautiful it all is.

I know you all want to know the cost so for the two pieces of china and the 18 glasses I paid a little over $20. I was doing my happy dance all the way home. Hope you get one of those tingles or your shopping buddy does and you find something special on your next trip to the Thrift Store.

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