Some nights it’s important to get food on the table quickly without a lot of frills. However, it’s those nights that you may especially need a pretty table setting when you sit down to eat. A pretty table definitely lifts the spirits after a busy day. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends, as I share a simple “Supper” table setting with you.

Earlier in the day I took a few moments and put together this really easy centerpiece. I used 1/3 of a floral brick in a pottery container. Then I added some fern to extend the size of the arrangement. Carnations in a deep pink were then added to the fern. Additional flowers filled out the arrangement with multi-colored blooms and some green foliage. When the centerpiece was complete I placed it in a medium-sized shaker box and set it in the center of the table.

A cream tablecloth was laid on the table first and then a runner was added that has multi-colored stitchery running from one end to the other. The runner added texture and was a way to tie all the colors together. Just a few seconds to place these two items on the table.

The plate stack consists of a green and white charger followed by a cream dinner plate and a salad/dessert bird plate. Another few seconds to put this part together.

A closer look shows the lovely flower design on the Lenox charger. A Wedgewood plate…..rescued from Goodwill…..took some cleaning-up but now they look most presentable. You should have seen the staining when I brought these home. I actually put them in the dishwasher several times and ran them through the cycles. The staining gradually has disappeared from the plates leaving only the beautiful cream design. The salad plates are English by Alfred Meakin and display a variety of birds. There is a lovely raised leaf motif around the rim of the plate.

To keep the place setting a bit more casual I used English beakers in a mottled green and pottery wine glasses in earth tones. Several seconds to add these to the table.

Fiddlehead stainless, from Pottery Barn some years ago, is the table’s flatware. I love the look of hammered steel that grounds this flatware. I’ve been using it as my everyday flatware for years. A few more seconds to place the flatware at each place setting.

I placed woven cotton napkins in napkin rings that echo the colors of the centerpiece. Setting them on the diagonal above the charger rounds the place setting with the beaker and wine glass rounding the other top corner. A few more seconds to do this part.

The Shaker Box is another element that adds to the casual feel of the table.

You can look across the table in this picture and see the other place settings. The runner is a bit rustic and combines with the pottery to create a relaxed tone to the setting.

It takes only a few moments to set a table…..which you have to do anyway when you eat dinner. Take another couple of minutes to make the table inviting for your Family or Friends as they join you for a meal. You won’t be disappointed as you sit down and begin to eat at a pretty table. You might even get a few compliments from your fellow diners. LOL

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