Spring is a time of flowers and color that lights up everything after the drabness of Winter. Baskets are a great way to welcome Spring into your home decor. Welcome, Friends, to the Blog today as I share with you how to make a pretty flower basket from Thrift Store finds.

I started with this simple Thrift Store basket, painted white with a green and white ribbon glued around the rim and the handle of the basket.

Next, I placed a piece of dry floral foam in the basket. I didn’t find it necessary to tape the foam. The weight of the flowers and the structure of the basket with the handle would hold everything in place.

I gathered together some individual flower and foliage picks that I found at the Thrift Store. For the central portion of the basket I wired a few of them together. For some of the individual pieces I wired them to picks that could then be inserted into the floral foam.

I inserted the bound picks into the center of the foam as a starting point for the baskets construction. This gave a nice base to the flower arrangement allowing me to work out from the center as well as add some additional color to the center.

I started adding picks to fill out the arrangement distributing the colors evenly around the basket.

The next step was to add moss to the basket to cover the dry floral foam and the pick stems. When you look into the center of the basket in the picture above it’s hard to see any bare floral foam.

I had some ribbon from the Thrift Store that was all scrunched up but the right colors for the basket.. It’s about 1 1/2 inches wide and wired. In order to make the ribbon useable again, I just ironed it. This brought it back to life and made it in good condition for forming a bow.

After fashioning the ribbon into a bow I attached it to a long pick.

The bow was inserted into the dry floral foam amongst the flowers adding lots of additional color to the arrangement.

You can see how the ribbon picks up the deep pinks and the purples in the flowers. The arrangement made of Thrift Store finds looks fresh and spring-like and only took a few minutes to put together. It cost just a couple of dollars for the whole arrangement. I’m really pleased with how this turned out.

Baskets make such a lovely addition to home decor and really brighten your space. Try you hand at this nice and easy craft for Spring.

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