This week we took a little trip to our wonderful downtown to take some photos. It was an overcast day and quite chilly but we still had fun searching out picture worthy sites of downtown. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends. Come with me as I take you on a little tour. The picture above is at the entrance to the West End of Greenville, SC. It’s a new wall painting and quite bright and cheerful as you can see. Makes for a welcoming display for both tourists and locals.

This is another Great Wall though much older and faded. It’s a living remembrance of an older time when advertisements were found on barns and walls in lots of small communities. You can imagine how vibrant this was when first painted.

The downtown has a river running through the middle of the main area. Pedestrian bridges span the expanse at regular intervals and waterfalls run from small… in the picture above……to larger further downstream. The brick building in the background is quite old and hosts weddings and a variety of receptions in the Summer. Each side of the river is lined with shops and theater venues. Lots of open air dining and outdoor concerts are enjoyed in the warmer months.

These interesting structures are actually heaters in an outdoor dining area. I like the pyramid-like structure and the many horizontal and vertical lines.

When it was too cold to be outside any longer we moved indoors to one of my favorite shops…..Vintage Now Modern. The shop is filled with treasures that would be at home in any decor but particularly in French country or, perhaps, shabby chic, or vintage country. When I am looking for inspiration I often come here for ideas.

Looking for Easter inspiration? Perhaps these great bunnies need a new home with you? I love the little one with its well-worn look. Reminds me of the bunny in, The Velveteen Rabbit”. It’s not the same color but has the look of a bunny that was well loved.

What about these cute birds in their well-worn cage resting on a wrought iron and wooden stand? Everywhere you look in Tony’s shop there is something eye-catching.

Herbals are wonderful display pieces and the quotes make these even more special. They are printed on hand-made paper and so have an appealing texture to the finished piece. I love the sentiments expressed.

I’m a real fan of vintage bread boards and French Bread trays. This store has them in abundance. It’s such a fun place to shop.

The face and hands of a Cigar Store Indian are among the treasures in the store. I love the cream and grey colors of this statue. They will fit with any decor and make a wonderful conversation piece.

The subtle colors and vintage nature of this carousel horse is not easy to find anymore. It’s so nice to see historical pieces like this preserved and made available to a good home.

Another great shopping spot is “Twigs”. An upscale flower shop, they have wonderful creations. I especially liked this basket arrangement on the front door to the shop. They will make up an arrangement to your specifications.

I love the idea of collecting a variety of plant life into a large container. This one is edged in copper and holds an abundance of faux foliage.

I got lots and lots of ideas for decorating for Spring and know exactly where to go to get what I need to put some “Spring” in my home decor.

Of course, after all the hard work shooting pictures and shopping, we needed to replenish our energy so found s great place to have lunch.

We ate at a new place called, Maestro that has an Argentinian flavor to the food. Above you can see a seafood salmon chowder with hints of fennel… was delicious; the special cheeseburger with wings; and a special burger with brie were also chosen luncheon selections. Everyone really enjoyed their meal and the ambience of the restaurant.

I’ll leave you with an image of this sunset. I know it looks like the moon but I aimed the camera lens right into the sun and got this effect. It was a great day shooting photos and wandering around downtown. I’ll be out again soon…..when it’s a little warmer. LOL

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