It’s February, Friends, and January is in the past. We had snow, cold, and very high Covid numbers so we are still taking precautions whenever we venture outside. My thrifting outings have been curtailed lately as I’m back teaching two classes with my Hubby and doing some additional community classes. However, I have found a few things to share with you. It’s another eclectic mix…..a little of this and a little of that.

First is this really sweet Lenox Christmas lamp. It uses votive candles and actually matches another lamp I have in a larger size. I think they will work well together this next Christmas.

I’m always on the lookout for chargers and found these nice heavy plastic pieces for 40 cents a piece. I picked up four of them and I think they are pretty with a nice scalloped edge. I don’t have a lot of the plastic chargers but they are great for an outdoor table setting.

Also on the charger front are these gold chargers in a terra cotta material painted gold. They are from Pier 1 and quite substantial. Sitting on the chargers are a great find. These crystal napkin rings are Waterford Crystal and marked with the Waterford name. They are really beautiful. They were quite the find at 4 napkin rings for under $2. Not too bad. I looked them up and they sell for just under $20 a piece. I always love it when I find a beautiful treasure.

Here’s a close-up and you can make out the Waterford name bottom left on the napkin ring. It’s always helpful to be able to learn the maker of an item. That can determine your decision to purchase or let the item pass.

The above is a double French bread pan. I have a couple of these but like to keep some extras on hand. Occasionally I go on a bread baking spree and multiple pans are really helpful.

Also found another set of napkins rings in silver. These are actually pottery and then glazed in silver. Love the braided look to these.

Orrefors wine glasses are next. It’s a good brand and these have a cobalt blue river of color in the stem of the glass. Quite attractive and a little bit different. They have a lot of weight for a wine glass so doesn’t make you nervous using them.

This wire basket was a nice find. I might use it at Easter. The handle is very tall and the wrought iron and rattan combination make for an interesting look.

Lastly, we have this American Flag encased in a shabby chic shadow box. It’s from Hobby Lobby and was quite expensive originally at $60. I paid around $4. Won’t it look great for a July 4th or other patriotic celebration.

As I mentioned this was a pretty eclectic Thrift Store haul. I’ll be using lots of these items in upcoming blogs. Can’t wait to share them with you.

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