Sometimes you find something…..a Thrift Store treasure…..that sparks an interest in finding out more. I ran across one such treasure a few days ago and displayed it as a small vignette to spark conversation over tea and a small snack. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends, as I share a small thrifted treasure with you.

This etching was very inexpensive but struck a chord. The picture shows several workers planting in the rice fields, I think in the Philippines, and you’ll notice on the right side there is a man playing a guitar. He stands up to his calves in water. He’s playing for the workers to make their day go more quickly and give them something to think about besides the back breaking labor. The guitarist would speed the movements of the workers transplanting the rice plants by increasing the rhythm of the songs. I didn’t know about this tradition from the Philippines. The etching depicts a totally different kind of life than what we live here. It makes you wonder about these people and what they did when the work day is over.

I added this mix of wild and brown rice to pull out the colors in the etching and the tray. It looks interesting in the hand-thrown pottery bowl and jumps conversation about the etching.

A cup of tea in a pottery mug that picks up on the etching colors sits on the tray with the rice. The mug rests on a pottery small plate in similar colors. In the picture you can see that I’m adding milk to my cup of Earl Grey.

Red grapes are added to the plate as well as a couple of napkins……just in case someone wants to share my snack. A few pink carnations in a small glass pitcher add a pretty touch to the tray.

A few cookies joined the grapes and tea completing the tray. Hot tea, cookies and fruit make a welcome break in the afternoon. Conversation to share, about a found object with a story, is even better.

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