Snow storms can keep you indoors for several days which means you don’t know what will be available when you make it to your local Thrift Store. January tends to be a slower month in my area…..not sure why. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends. I’ll share my most recent thrifting finds with you today.

You can see from the picture above that the finds are quite eclectic. Let’s take a closer look.

Collapsing into just one box this whole stack fits snugly into the bottom blue box for easy storage. I don’t know if these boxes were ever used, they are in such good condition. They will be great for presents or for storage of odds and ends. The cost was under $4 for the whole stack.

These interesting rattan chargers found their way into my cart. Love the way the weaving is different on the rim and the base of the charger. I haven’t seen ones like this before. There were no makers marks on the back so not sure where they originated.

This great sign that proclaims the first verse of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” is part wood and part metal. Parts of it are raised to give a three-dimensional look to the sign. I liked the way the font size changes throughout the sign making it visually more interesting. Can’t wait to use this next Christmas.

This unusual basket reminded me of a cottage in Ireland. I’m planning to use this for St. Patrick’s Day. Filled with flowers it’s a different approach to celebrating your Irish roots.

These great bunnies from Studio 56 will help celebrate another holiday. It’s good to pick things up when you see them. Closer to the actual holiday accessories might be a little harder to find.

Next these great Martini glasses by Mikasa were found. If you remember from last week, I found six wine glasses in the same designs also by Mikasa. The very next day I was at a nearby Thrift Store and found these matching martini glasses. Like the wine glasses these martini glasses were dull and dirty in the store. Hot sudsy water and a good rinsing made all the difference. Now I have six wine and six martini glasses that match. It was fun to use them and we experimented with “Appletinis” ……just to make sure they worked well. LOL

The glasses are sitting on, what looks like a tray. It’s actually a framed chalkboard. The blackboard is framed in a nice clean white wooden frame. Can’t wait to stencil this and use it in a new display. It’s great when you find something like this that can be re-purposed.

So that’s it…..a little bit of this and a little bit of that from a January Thrift Store expedition.

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