The Bishop’s Hat napkin fold is front and center today in this mid-January table setting. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends. I’m using colors that are a bit different from usual. Purples and golds and dark wine colors reminiscent of those found in Medieval or Renaissance times. Although the tablescape is not medieval I am using a few elements that could suggest that time period.

A side view of the table setting shows the brass charger with snowflake cutouts. They are paired with two different gold rimmed china plates with gold and silver flatware accompanying the setting. Beautiful cut glass crystal can be seen in the background.

Here you can see the brass charger more clearly with beautiful snowflakes around the rim suggesting a Winter setting. The dinner plate is by Gorham, Andante Gold, and has a beautiful scalloped rim edged in gold. Next is a Pier 1 soup bowl, very stark and plain, and also rimmed in gold.

Here’s a closer look at the two-toned flatware. I love the simple scallop pattern that echoes the scallop on the edge of the Gotham dinner plate. You can see the tapestry look of the tablecloth in this picture.

This beautiful cut glass crystal is quite substantial in feel and look adding weight to the table. The goblet and wine glass are ready to be filled with a good red wine and sparkling water.

An embroidered table runner was added in a cream background color. The embroidery has shades of the tablecloth in the flowers and vines. The fabric has a beautiful sheen that adds to the richness of the colors of the tablecloth.

In January it’s not always easy to have flowers on hand. Sometimes you are kept inside by storms and lately suppliers have had a more difficult time getting fresh flowers to their stores. So today, rather than flowers I used these gorgeous twisted brass candlesticks. They are quite tall and really heavy as well. The three different heights add a stately elegance to the table. The brass candlesticks pick-up on the embroidery on the table runner creating a cohesive look. Scattered votives in the same colors help spread the light down the center of the table. The candlesticks pick-up on the antique mirror in the background. Tall white candles pull the white of the china plates upwards.

Here’s a view of the table showing all the rich color and brass and gold accents. Everything seems to work together to present a bold but quiet tablescape appropriate for a delightful dinner. Everything on the table was thrifted. It’s really nice to have options available when you set the table especially when those options are wallet friendly.

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