One of the nicest things about a snow storm is that you’re advised to stay indoors out of the weather. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends, for a little indoor afternoon therapy.

I started with a Victorian style tray in lovely roses and greens with gold accents. The tray has beautiful scalloped edges and is just the right size to place on a coffee table. Gorgeous Millennium Waterford glasses came next. They really sparkle in the firelight. Of course, the fire is lit to take the chill off the room and add some warm ambience to the setting.

Two glasses sit on the tray. What is a snowy day interlude without a nice bottle of wine to enjoy by the fireplace? An arrangement of roses completes the setting and paves the way for a delightful afternoon by the fire.

It may be snowy outside but inside we are cozy and enjoying the day. Hope you are enjoying yours and staying warm and cozy inside. Everything was thrifted but the wine.

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