Welcome to the Blog today, Friends. It’s our first snow storm in years and it is quite beautiful. Unfortunately, quite dangerous as we are now getting a layer of ice on top of the snow to be followed by several more inches of snow. Fortunately, Hubby and I don’t have to go anywhere so we can enjoy it from indoors. This cardinal was sitting in the tree near our feeders waiting his turn. The birds have been very busy this morning.

This view is from our front door where I didn’t venture outside but took this shot from inside the front door. It’s still early morning here so I’m not dressed yet but couldn’t resist taking a few shots with the camera.

This picture looks out over the front steps. Not a path to be seen.

More action at the feeders. I’m so glad we have them as the birds may have a difficult time over the next few days. I have some saved bread crumbs to scatter once the snow and ice stop.

For those of you who live in colder areas this is something you probably see often. Here in the South it’s an adventure. Fortunately, a short-lived one. In a few days this will be a memory and all the snow will be gone. The temperatures will be back up and we will be talking about the “Big Snow of 2022”.

P.S. Our community website is sponsoring a lottery on when the power will go out. You can submit the time you think that will happen. The prize is a freshly baked loaf of bread from one of our great neighborly cooks. Hope we win.

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