I have not been thrifting much this year as we are cleaning out and preparing to make some additional space for storage. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends, as I share a few new finds with you. In the picture above you can see a silver footed tray. This is a new one and was in really good condition when I found it. Didn’t have to use much polish at all.

This glass compote dish is by a Polish company called Jozefina. It is really quite attractive and has a delicate appearance. Can’t wait to fill it with flowers or fruit and use it in a table setting.

Another piece by the same maker is the above oil lamp. It needs a wick but is in really nice condition. Because there are multiple legs on these pieces they are sometimes called jellyfish crystal.

Looking down into the top of the compote also gives you a good look at the decorative nature of the tray.

Here’s a close-up of the carved handle.

Next up is this group of Mikasa Balloon goblets for red wine. Each pattern on the six glasses is different. I was really happy to find these especially since the cost was 85 cents per glass. I was doing my happy dance all the way up to the cashier. These were found at one of my favorite local Thrift Stores.

When purchasing crystal always look for a Maker’s Mark. They are usually on the foot of the glass. You can see the Mikasa mark in this photo. Not all crystal from the same mfg. will have a mark as some companies have just introduced that recently. These glasses were really filthy when I found them but washed up perfectly. No cracks, chips or other blemishes were found.

Another new find was these Lenox ornaments. There are six of them and they are from the Twelve Days of Christmas Series. I have a collection of these and put them on the Family tree every year. It was really nice to be able to add these six to the other decorations.

I used the silver tray above for a small vignette with these great black and white houses and some curious birds.

Hope you have some great finds in your thrifting adventures this week.

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