This week we treated ourselves to a day at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina to get a second view of their Christmas decorations for 2021. They keep the decorations up for the first couple of weeks in January having started back in November. Welcome, Friends, as I show you a few of the treats you experience on a Biltmore House Tour.

The picture above is a gingerbread replica of the Biltmore Mansion. It’s located in the kitchens in the basement of the mansion. It takes five months to make this masterpiece.

The Conservatory is the first room you see on entering the massive foyer. At Christmas it showcases plants that are perennial Christmas favorites. Many of the plants are grown in the Conservatory on the grounds, a large greenhouse that houses orchids and other hot house flowers. The room lets in lots of light and hosts musical performances for visitors.

The Billiard Room had a display of Santas and presents and some gorgeous tall pine cone trees.

Every room has it’s own tree, welcoming fireplace and decorated mantles. I feel fortunate living within an hour of the Biltmore. I have an annual pass and can visit throughout the year. The gardens are spectacular and there are many walks and pathways throughout the property.

Another beautiful tree in the marble hall. Here the colors are rose and silver. The ribbons are wonderfully plush and really add to the overall effect.

Toys displayed beneath the huge tree in the Banquet Hall are all period pieces. Dolls, tea sets and croquet sets allow a glimpse into the past.This huge tree is replaced several times during the Christmas season so it looks fresh for visitors. The staff does it overnight so that their is no disruption in the viewing.

My home does not have massive marble mantles with lion’s heads but I do get a lot of inspiration from the mantle decorations. The mantles in every room are decorated differently with different colors and accessories. Lots of great inspiration.

Here’s another mantle decorated with ornaments and a simple garland.

You probably don’t have a lamp like this in your home, I don’t either, but what a great way to decorate a lamp post outdoors or perhaps a railing at the base of your stairs. Just some garland, ribbon and lights using soft colors and different textures make this a stand out.

The Library is one of my favorite spots in the house. I could easily stay in this room for hours. So many wonderful books in a light-filled room. Even the balcony is decorated for Christmas.

Here’s the horse drawn wagon you wanted as a child. It’s piled with presents for good boys and girls and maybe a few adults, too.

Tea is ready in the Drawing Room as you enjoy multiple trees in this room. Beautiful tapestries cover the walls and act as a backdrop for the colorful tea set.

Wreaths and garlands descend from overhead in the Grand Foyer. Our day at the Biltmore Estates was really enjoyable. We always do a wine tasting and stop for lunch at one of the many restaurants available on the grounds.

If you have an opportunity to visit the Estate, especially at Christmas, you will not be disappointed. Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into the wonderful decorations and take away some ideas for Christmas 2022 in your own home.

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