Welcome, Friends, to a new Thrifting Blog. I’ve been going through all the Christmas dishes and taking out the ones for the Winter season. I found these absolutely beautiful salad plates at my local Thrift Store. They have a beautiful blue textured background with some white daubs scattered on the background of the plate. The center motif is a gorgeous peacock sitting beneath a tree laden with lovely golden flowers.

The plates are Limoges china made in France and designed by L. Bernardaud, a famous designer of china patterns. I couldn’t believe my luck in finding six of these plates in perfect condition. The edges of the plates are rimmed in gold.

In the picture above you can see the gilt edges in very good condition.

Found this Calphalon pan in great condition at a Humane Society Thrift Store. It was well taken care of and a great size.

You can see that even the back is in good shape.

These herb jars are from Ball. They keep your herbs nice and fresh in the sealed containers. The green top opens to access the stored herbs. I dry a lot of my own herbs from the garden so these will come in handy.

A silver-plate set of 71 pieces found it’s way home with me. Here you can see the tarnish on the pieces. They were pretty dull looking and dirty in the wooden case.

Some silver polish and attention makes them gleam again. The pattern is Caprice by Oneida. As you can see, there were a number of serving pieces and a service for twelve included in this set. The box was in great shape. When I bring something like this home the silver is emptied, the box is vacuumed and the outside of the box is cleaned and gone over with Old English or Liquid Gold.

Scratches and blemishes are minimized and the case looks quite nice.

Next were these three beautifully made Shaker boxes. These are replicas made by:

The original molds, tools, and methods were photographed by the owner and replicated to be used in fashioning the boxes as close to the originals as possible. They are really nice.

These beautiful Grande Ivory plates by Mikasa were in perfect condition and $1 each. You’ll be seeing them in another Blog.

I was able to pick up eight plates. I think they are really pretty. The rose motif can be used throughout the year.

I found two cut glass pieces. The last one is a good sized vase for a small dinner table…..not too tall and not too wide while maintaining that fluted bowl that allows flowers to spread nicely. The wine goblet is quite special. You can see by the label on the stem that it is Ralph Lauren. The pattern is Glen Plaid.

Why would I buy just one glass? Well, I actually had another one at home and they sell on Replacements for about $245 per glass. I’m always hopeful I’ll run across more until I have a set of 4. Any crystal with the Ralph Lauren label is expensive to purchase in a retail environment. It’s a great find at the Thrift Store.

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