Transitioning from Christmas to Winter is always a challenge. Usually after the holidays I want some simpler decor that doesn’t take a lot of work to set up. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends, as we go from Christmas to Winter in just a few minutes. I’m a little late posting today. We had high winds and rain throughout the night which knocked over some trees which in turn took out the power lines. Took about six hours to get up and running.

Here is the before picture. Santa was on his train with a background of wooden trees and a stenciled sign to “Believe”. Christmas plates are displayed along with some art work.

Now the train is returned to it’s usual home in the kitchen and Santa is taking a well-deserved rest after all his hard work. A simple swap of train for silver, blue and gold trees creates a Winter feel for the room. You can see the trees are integrated into the painted background. I found a large, framed, blackboard and cleaned it so it could transform into a tree scape.

My daughter created this in about 20 minutes. Nice to have an artist in the Family. This can be cleaned off when Winter is passed and a new scene created. She used stencil paints for this project. I love how it turned out.

The shelves hold a selection of winter woodland plates, pottery plates, and silver serving plates that I often use as chargers. The silver reflects the light and presents that wintery, icy feel to the room. The woodland plates are owls and wolves in whites, silvers, and browns……all colors from the Winter landscape.

The upper shelves hold a snowy landscape painting kept from the Christmas display. Woodland plates and silver trays complete that shelf. The upper shelf went unchanged from the Christmas display.

The garland was removed from the chandelier but I kept the Waterford snowflakes. They are quite lovely and snowflakes are very much a part of Winter. I haven’t decided what to put below the trees but I’ll share that with you when I figure it out.

Just a few moments to create a different feel for this room, one that will take us through the Winter months.

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