A silver tray with a Waterford Crystal decanter filled with great Irish whiskey, beautiful Cartier glasses and a crystal pitcher filled with a small nosegay of evergreens and Nandina berries begin today’s Blog. Welcome to the Blog today, Friends. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are preparing to enjoy this festive week between Christmas and New Years. I want to share with you some Thrift Store Silver Tray finds from this past year.

It’s such a pleasure to use beautiful things in your home to entertain and to enjoy with your Family. This footed silver tray was a recent find. I paired it with these lovely Cartier glasses. I think they are technically Brandy glasses but we use them for an occasional Irish whiskey nightcap. The decanter is also a recent find and is a Waterford piece in the Lismore pattern. A cut glass crystal pitcher holds the nosegay and finishes off the vignette. Behind the tray is a cut glass scalloped vase filled with roses and carnations with evergreens from the garden. It looks beautiful with the tray and glasses.

Found at the thrift Store a few months ago is this great rectangular silver tray that boasts ornate edges and handles with an etched tray surface. This one polished up beautifully and really reflects the gorgeous crystal glasses. The crystal champagne flutes are part of Waterford’s Twelve Days of Christmas set. Each glass has a unique pattern and an etching of the day it depicts. The three above are: A Partridge in a Pear Tree; Two Turtle Doves; and, Three French Hens. Several years ago I found a set of six in a Thrift Store which started my hunt for all 12 glasses. These flutes are holding mimosas and the champagne is in a Thrift Store ice bucket. You place the bucket in the freezer and when you take it from the freezer it keeps the bottled liquid cold. A small pitcher of white hydrangea and red carnations completes the tray.

A cozy setting for tea begins with a rectangular silver tray with some gorgeous handles and edge trim. Some of my Winter white collection of stoneware is used here. A teapot originating in Chicago and some English stoneware for the cream and sugar are paired with pottery mugs in blue and speckled white. Peacock plates by Limoges hold some oatmeal raisin treats.

Here’s a closer look at the teapot, cream and sugar. They are not a set but it’s fun to mix and match. The white porcelain ties them together.

The peacock plates add a real pop of color and a bit of the exotic to the setting.

This tray is large enough to hold exactly what you need for an afternoon respite from busy days around the holidays.

I draped a fluffy throw over the coffee table to provide a nice nest for the tea service. Light a fire in the fireplace (it’s too warm today) and you have a cozy winter break.

Trays are such useful items and silver-plated ones are terrific. They are quite strong and will hold a lot of weight……most important…..they look beautiful.

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