“Twas the week before Christmas and all through the Thrift Store

Everyone was stirring, except for the mouse.”

Hello, Everyone, and welcome to the Blog today. I don’t remember the Thrift Stores being this crowded so close to Christmas. It seems like everyone is out looking for bargains and gifts for their children and loved ones. The year has been particularly difficult for many families. All the Thrift Stores we frequent support local charities. Every time you purchase an item a portion of the sale goes to support the charity. It’s a Win….Win….situation. So let me share with you what I found this week at the Thrift Store.

One of the first things found was this rather rough, homemade Conestoga wagon. It’s not especially fine work but has a certain folk appeal. My Hubby says he will fix whatever needs fixing so it will be splendid when finished.

Next up this great Christmas box with the original tag. It’s a spacious box covered in Christmas flowers and originally sold for $17.99. It was only $1.

This white and blue pottery pot was in pretty bad shape. It has no chips or cracks but was filthy. A good cleaning brought it back to a beautiful pot ready for all kinds of lovely decor options.

This pretty basket was just 75 cents and will be perfect for a Victorian Valentine’s Tea when February comes round.

Any cookie a little bit more festive with these sweet little rolling pins. Reindeer, Christmas Trees, snowflakes and a rolling pin that says Merry Christmas…..what could be better.

This Iron pillar candlestick with prancing reindeer was another find. It will fit in with some reindeer decor. I love the simplicity of the design and the matte black finish is super.

No holiday would be complete without the presence of a fierce dinosaur for a little one to find as a gift.

This sweet little bunny was only 75 cents. He’ll have a home tucked away until Easter when he comes out to play with all the other bunnies.

Williams Sonoma made these cute little snowmen spoons. Each spoon depicts a different snowman. They came in the original box but I took them out to wash. You can see them better this way. They came with the red ribbon and could be used as ornaments on a Kitchen Christmas Tree.

Loved this little handmade basket by a lady with a cottage industry in her home. The basket has a hand-painted train on the front and an iron Christmas Tree.

Six of these great tin chargers from Hobby Lobby found their way into my cart. They were originally $6.99 but were only 75 cents each. A real bargain.

I love kitchen gadgets and this one is an herb keeper for the refrigerator. I have lots of herbs so I think it will come in quite handy. You fill the bottom with water and then insert the stems in the water before placing it in the fridge.

Found 6 plates by Johnson Bros. They were in great shape and I can use them with some of my other pink china.

Loved these deep rose colored napkin rings. The glass beads are attached to small grapevine wreaths. They are very cute.

This heart-shaped white plate with ceramic roses clustered in the corner of the heart is by Mud Pie from 1998. I really loved this design…..so simple yet striking.

Lastly, my Hubby came across this beautiful silver-plated serving piece. I’ve talked a little bit about being able to bring back a piece of silver with a little polish and elbow grease. It’s really true. Let me show you what this looked like in the store.

The dish looks black and pitted in this picture. I always look closely at any silver I’m considering for purchase. You really want to make sure that the tarnish has not eaten through to the metal beneath the silver. I wasn’t absolutely sure about this one but I decided to take a chance. I’m glad I did.

Here’s the piece after the initial cleaning.

You can see how beautifully it cleaned up. It will probably need one more cleaning but what a beautiful piece.

Hope this inspires you to go to your local Thrift Store and see what you can find. You can support your community at the same time as finding some special pieces for your home.

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