I had some luck at the Thrift Stores this week that I really didn’t expect. We went on discount day which is generally not great as a lot of people are out shopping. However, we were lucky and found some interesting things. So, Friends, welcome to the Blog today and I’ll show you what I found.

First up, this very sweet, silver-plated child’s dinner set for the Royal Doulton Bunnykin series. It was in its original packaging and looks like it has not been used. It’s the first one I’ve seen. I love the bunnies on the handles.

This little wooden bird house was the next find. I liked this because it was simple and seasonal. I’m thinking I’ll use it next year when I plan to do a Woodland theme. It was just a dollar so I put it in the cart. It’s all wood and pretty cute with it’s holly appliqués.

I found these great Mikasa plates in the Christmas Glow pattern. Four salad/dessert plates ended up being about $3. I loved the deer image on the plate. Also the fact that it was a blue background was appealing.

I picked up this little wreath mostly because it went with the tray I’ll show you next.

This Italian tray in a Florentine pattern is really lovely and the little wreath goes perfectly with it. It will come in handy for lots of things and I really like the color combination. Can’t you just see using this for a Victorian tea?

These 8 World Market napkins were $1.50. They are in great shape and the colors are wonderfully bright. The birds make a great statement and because the colors are so varied, I think these napkins will go with almost anything.

Also found this harvest table runner by Nicole Miller. It has some pumpkins on it as well as the flowers. This one was $2 and worth every penny. I always wash linens as soon as I bring them home. This probably didn’t need it but its a good precaution.

These linens looked brand new and after washing them they looked even better. There are eight padded placemats and eight matching napkins in reverse colors. I love the blue and white combination. These should look lovely in a table setting. They are so crisp and clean looking.

Found this really huge chalk board with a very simple frame. I cleaned off the writing on the board and now it is ready for a new project. Finding these boards to use for stencil projects is such fun. This one was $3. It will work out well for my next project.

I found three silver-plate platters. What you see in the picture are the platters after the initial cleaning. The edges will need a second cleaning but they came out really well. There were no nicks or bad spots on either side of the platters. I was able to get them for an average of $2.50 per platter. I’ve been collecting the smaller ones to use as chargers and I have about 8 now.

The last platter is on little feet and I will be using it to hold champagne glasses for the holiday season. It’s the perfect size for holding as many as 6 glasses.

……and, speaking of champagne glasses…..we have a few Waterford champagne flutes in the Millennium pattern. I have 4 pairs of flutes. We found these in a little shop where all the Waterford was severely discounted…..75%. It was such a great find and now we have our flutes for New Year’s Eve.

They came in the original boxes which were all in great shape. It’s so nice to find things with the complete packaging intact. It was a nice early Christmas present.

One of the reasons I do this Blog is to help encourage others to recycle and reuse things found in Thrift Shops and give them a new and useful life. There are lots of great things out there that would fit into your home. You just have to look. The extra benefit is that you save a lot of money as you end up with beautiful things to share with your family and friends.

Hope you all enjoy some great finds in your holiday thrifting.

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