Using natural greens for Holiday decorations is one of the nicest and least expensive ways to decorate for Christmas. It’s always great to bring the scent of pine indoors but I love to use greens to decorate outside as well. Welcome to the /blog today as I share with you some outdoor Christmas decorating.

I have two good size ceramic planters in the front of the house. This Summer we had to cut off a large limb from one of the River Birch trees. I had my Hubby cut it into three pieces and saved it in the garage until now. I used these three limbs as the foundation of the planter. The wood was inserted into the soil of the pot and then the soil was dampened and packed around each piece of wood.

Next I added cuttings from some of the evergreens grown in the garden. There is some pine with little blue berries, cryptomeria, Leland cypress and some holly which I added later.

Next I spray painted some crepe myrtle seeds silver and added them to the pots.

In the picture above you can see the silver seed pods mixed with some red berry picks. In the very back of the planter are birch twig picks that have sparkles on the wood which reflects the light.

Here’s a closer look at the pot. The silver and the red add some nice seasonal color to all the greenery.

In this picture you can see the seed pods on the cryptomeria are golden. Holly nestles in the center of the pot next to a little red bird that peeks through the greenery. I love the natural look of the river birch. This species has bark that peels away from the trunk adding texture and interest. This pot sits on the right hand side of the stairs leading to the front porch.

The second pot is at the foot of the walkway welcoming visitors. It sits next to a candle post sporting a red and white candy cane candle and a bright red bow. Next to that is a birdbath awaiting some decorative attention.

In the picture above you can see the railing planters (like window boxes but on the porch railing) decorated with greenery.

These planters have a mix of faux and real greenery and some picks and a garland which wraps around the top of the planter. I used cryptomeria and pine in these planters. There is one on each side of the front porch.

The greens in the railing planters are also anchored in wet soil. The wet soil will keep the greens vibrant throughout the season. Just keep them watered as if they were flowers. I used a few silver seed pods and some red picks to add some color.

I only wrapped garland around the outside of the railing planters.

The garlands and picks were all Thrift Store items. I collect them all year long so that I have a variety available when I go to decorate for the holidays. It allows me to decorate for a fraction of the cost.

The entranceway is still a work in progress so I will share that at a later date. Hope your own decorations are progressing as we move towards Christmas Day.

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