Today we took a trip to a town a few miles from us up in the mountains. I didn’t have high expectations as the finds have been pretty slim lately. We did find some great Christmas things and a few odds and ends that I’ll be sharing with you today.

First is this great twig piece for decorating for Christmas. It has a Christmas pick and ribbon on the front and would go well with a rustic look. Take off the ribbon and you have a great winter seasonal piece.

This container holds glasses that you are packing away. It will be great when I pack away some of the Christmas glasses that we have out for the holidays. It also worked out well as I bought some glasses that we were able to pack in here to bring home.

These were the glasses that I found. They are by Noritake the Christiana Platinum pattern. They were quite dirty and didn’t show well but cleaned up beautifully. They came in a set of six. Really pretty and nice and heavy.

In the Humane Society thrift Store I found these great “Flower Fairy” ornaments. They are based on the flower fairies created by Cecily Barker. I’m going to do a Blog on her, her books, and these ornaments later on. The ornaments are replicas of some of the flower fairies in her books. They are quite detailed and beautiful with lovely wings that appear behind each fairy. We’ll be adding them to our tree and revisiting her books. When we were in England a few years ago we were lucky enough to catch a museum exhibit that was exhibiting her work. It was really lovely.

These two angel candles were in perfect condition and found there way into my basket. I think they will look great in a table setting.

This great cross stitch piece will be added to my collection of Christmas needle works. The red tartan fabric is great and I love the moose with falling snow.

This Lenox ornament was another great find. It’s from the Florentine Collection and comes with its own stand. It was in the original box with all the original packaging.

This seat might have appeared in an Agatha Christie program. Poirot used one like it in one of the episodes on PBS. This is in great shape with a leather seat that folds up and is easy to transport. The bottom of the stick has a point and sticks into the ground so you can then sit down on the leather seat.

Lastly, we have a Brownie Bundt cake pan from Nordic Ware. I can see these great treats gracing a Christmas dessert tray at the holidays.

Some great finds as we come closer to Christmas. I hope this inspires you to explore Thrift Stores close to your home and maybe find some treasures to take home.

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