Hello, Everyone, and welcome to the blog today. I’ll be sharing my Morning Room decorations with you today. This is always a fun room to decorate but it is also a challenge as it has a huge wall expanse that needs to be filled each time I change the decor. I wanted an eclectic display this time. Something that would be appropriate for casual gatherings, breakfast or a more formal get together. It was an interesting problem.

I started at the top of the plate shelves that my hubby created for me a few years ago. You can see how he made them here:


The shelves are a pretty straight forward project and the results allow a lot of freedom for decorating without a lot of holes in your walls.

I created the sign by using a Thrift Store find from a few weeks ago…..the Hobby Lobby blackboard sign. Using some stencils and stencil paint “Let it Snow” was created. Making signs is always a fun project for me and an easy one for all levels of crafters. The sign is flanked by two silver-plated serving plates I picked up this week. I use them for chargers and I loved how they resembled snowflakes on the shelf.

The middle shelf uses this painting of snow-covered fields with a barn in the background and a little stream running through the foreground of the painting as its center. I love the soft colors and the attention to detail in this lovely watercolor.

Johnson Bros. Friendly Village dinner plates flank the painting on either side. These have been beloved additions to many home throughout the years. They show typical rural scenes in the four seasons. The snow and the use of red for the covered bridge make these perfect for winter decor.

I liked how these different elements worked together to create a homey feel to an outdoor theme.

The bottom shelf is anchored by this great oil painting of a simple cabin door hosting an evergreen wreath. When I first saw it at a Thrift Store I knew it had to come home with me. I jut found it very appealing. Still looking for a frame for this piece.

The door was paired with these great plates by Fitz& Floyd. They are called “Santa’s List” and show Santa checking his list of good girls and boys prior to his big trip on Christmas Eve.

The shelving below the wall shelves also needed some attention and a transformation from Fall to the holiday season. It started with the sign created through stenciling. I found the frame and chalkboard at the Thrift Store and cleaned off the original writing that was painted on. Then I stenciled the current design and had fun using multiple colors to show Santa and his sleigh. Santa is featured in the Fitz & Floyd plate below the sign. You can see the Christmas train made from wood and holding cinnamon logs and presents. Santa’s sleigh and his reindeer are taking a short rest as they travel on the train. In the background are some gorgeous wooden trees made by my Hubby a few years ago. I like to use them every Christmas.

We found the train at a Goodwill a few years ago. it was broken and had pieces missing and looked very sad indeed. It took awhile to refurbish the train. My Hubby replaced, fixed and then sanded everything down. Then I applied a variety of stains to the wood to give the train some color and individual personality. I love the way it turned out. A little attention can go a long way to making something useful and enjoyed once more.

This wall makes me smile and it will go with any table setting I put together.

We put new lighting in this room recently and I now have an actual chandelier that can be decorated. I love the crystal lamps on the light fixture and the white washed wood and nickel that make up the rest of the light. A simple holly garland is wrapped around the light and Waterford snowflakes are suspended from the bottom. It looks really pretty. In the background you can see the ornament wreath on the window. I made this a few years ago and it fits in nicely. The new drapes give the room a cozy feel and add some nice patterning to the room.

When a room makes you smile…..stop and enjoy it.

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