What could be cuter than an Oreo Cookie …..cookie jar and an Oreo cookie mug for milk? Welcome to the Blog today for a quick look at a fun find and a little bit more. Oreo cookies have been produced since March 6, 1912……a long time ago. Most of us have fond memories of eating Oreo cookies with a glass of milk. When my Hubby ran across this container last week he was delighted to add it to the basket. Surprisingly, there is not even a little chip on this cookie jar or on the mug. Don’t you just love the smiling Oreo Cookie on the top of the jar. He made me laugh.

I picked up a few other things as you can see in the picture above.

This great shabby chic candlestick from Hobby Lobby was originally $30.

A gravy pitcher in Mikasa’s French Countryside pattern will be a welcome addition to my Daughter’s set.

I found a cute little harvest basket for under $1. It will be fun to use in next year’s decor.

Also found a christmas basket that can be added to for a nice display.

Found this great small silver box for $1.50. Wow! We have run across several of these lately. Then in another shop I found the silver plate pictured above (six five-piece place settings) for $8. So together the box and the flatware were $9.50.

A second, larger, silverware box was found at the same store for $2. The pictures I’m showing you in the Blog today show the silver boxes after they have been cleaned with Liquid Gold and vacuumed out with a hand vacuum. Like other things you find at the Thrift Store, you have to look past the found condition to the condition the item will become with a little care.

But the winner of the day……

…..Mr. Oreo Cookie Jar.

Hope you enjoy your own thrifting adventures.

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